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VirtuGuard™: What Sets Us Apart from Other Remote Monitoring Companies 

VirtuGuard™: What Sets Us Apart from Other Remote Monitoring Companies

When it comes to remote video monitoring for your commercial or residential business, there are several crucial factors to consider when choosing a service provider. As businesses increasingly rely on video surveillance and crime prevention to ensure the safety and security of their assets, staff, and guests, choosing the right remote monitoring service provider is crucial. 

What Is Remote Video Monitoring?

Remote video monitoring is a proactive approach to security. Utilizing surveillance cameras, audio speakers, access control management, and other security infrastructure and technology, service providers can monitor a business for suspicious or criminal activity and intervene in real time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced video analytics can alert Command Center Agents to motion or flagged activity. Agents then verify the event is not a false alarm and react based on protocols developed during your onboarding process.

Two-way audio speakers are an effective tool for Command Center Agents to remotely intervene in disturbances on your property. If there is suspicious loitering, a break-in, or other concerning behavior, Agents can issue Voice Commands to instruct trespassers to leave the premises to avoid a police response. Alternatively, audio speakers can be utilized to deliver customer service announcements.

In an event that cannot be resolved through two-way audio speakers, Command Center Agents can dispatch onsite Security Officers or report incidents to local law enforcement. Rather than discovering a break-in, vandalism, or other incident after it has already occurred, remote video monitoring can detect and respond to incidents before they occur or while they are in progress.

VirtuGuard™ Is the Remote Monitoring Solution for Your Business

VirtuGuard™ is a remote video monitoring service. BOS Security, Inc. has over thirty years of experience in providing high-quality security services for a variety of businesses, including residential communities, commercial businesses, government contracts, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, and more. Our experience in traditional security services gives us the knowledge and strength to evaluate your vulnerabilities and craft a solution built specifically for your business and property.

Factors That Set VirtuGuard™ Apart from Our Competitors


Whether you are a small business or own a franchise, you need a remote monitoring solution that can be scaled to your needs. VirtuGuard™ can be applied to businesses of all sizes, whether your business spans across one building, several facilities at one location, or multiple locations across the world. VirtuGuard™ builds a plan for your existing property but can grow with you as well.

Customizable and Flexible

Your business needs a security solution that is customized just for your needs. VirtuGuard™ can build a solution based on your existing security infrastructure and make recommendations on additional security measures that can increase the efficiency of your solution. Additionally, VirtuGuard™ partners with security integrators to select and install the right infrastructure and technology for your business.

You can opt-in for 24/7 monitoring or elect to monitor your business after hours for suspicious or unwanted activity. VirtuGuard™ is flexible and can adjust your plan based on your evolving needs.

U.S.-Based Command Center Agents

All VirtuGuard™ Command Center Agents are based in the United States. Our Command Center Agents adhere to national and international regulations and industry standards. This can provide assurance that security practices and protocols adhere to industry standards, which will enhance the overall reliability and effectiveness of our security solutions.

Proactive vs. Reactive

VirtuGuard™ focuses on preventing incidents before they occur. Traditional security solutions often only react to incidents after damage, theft, or unwanted activity has already happened. Reactionary security measures can cost your business in damaged or stolen assets, property damage, or liability in the case of violent crimes.

By detecting activity before it escalates into a greater issue, VirtuGuard™ can effectively deter or intervene in crime. Prevention should be the first course of action, and VirtuGuard™ prioritizes preventing unwanted activity to save your business money, time, and headaches.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

VirtuGuard™ delivers detailed reports of each incident that occurs at your business to keep you informed. Additionally, we provide monthly reports of the incidents that occur at your business, including information on how the incident was detected and how Command Center Agents responded. With these detailed analytics, VirtuGuard™ can also make recommendations to further secure your business.

Cost-Effective Solutions

VirtuGuard™ is a cost-effective security solution. The cost of an interactive remote monitoring plan is determined by a variety of factors, including the number of cameras being monitored on your property and the monthly activity level per camera. Additional services like remote tours and escorts, AI response, audio services, and more also contribute to the cost of our services.

Whereas the cost of traditional guard services can cost your business $20-30 an hour, VirtuGuard™ can cost as little as $8-10 an hour.

Support Each Step of the Way

BOS Security and VirtuGuard™ can support your business in developing and implementing a security solution through each step of the process. BOS Security can conduct a professional security assessment of your facilities that can reveal vulnerabilities that may not be clear, like lackluster access control measures, blind spots in your video surveillance coverage, and more.

VirtuGuard™ can assist technology integrators in selecting the best infrastructure and technology suited for your business. Having the right infrastructure in place can yield the most effective and efficient results.

VirtuGuard™ provides incident reports as events occur to keep you knowledgeable about what occurs on your property. As your business grows or changes, VirtuGuard™ can evolve with you. We can make changes to your solution to better suit your changing needs.

Continuous Improvement

VirtuGuard™ is continuously improving our Command Center technology and the onsite technology and procedures at your business. Whether it is adding additional cameras to cover problem areas, adding audio speakers to further Command Center Agent intervention, or reducing or increasing proactive virtual patrols, VirtuGuard™ is dedicated to maintaining the best security solution for your business.

Try VirtuGuard™ for Your Business Today

Whether you are shifting your security solution from traditional guard services to remote video monitoring, or if you are looking for direction to create a security solution customized to your business, VirtuGuard™ is here to help. 

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