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Illegal Dumping Detected and Stopped with Remote Video Monitoring

Illegal Dumping Detected and Stopped with Remote Video Monitoring

Illegal dumping can be a costly nuisance for commercial business owners. Individuals trying to dodge collection costs or the inconvenience of taking trash to an approved dump site can increase operational costs for commercial real estate properties. 

An outdoor shopping center utilizes both remote video monitoring and Onsite Security Guard Services to mitigate car break-ins, loitering, and other illegal or unwanted behavior, like illegal dumping. In the incident detailed below, a hybrid security solution was effective in detecting and stopping illegal dumping in its tracks. 

Keep Operational Costs Down with Remote Video Monitoring

Watch the video footage of the incident here.

The VirtuGuard™ Command Center received an Artificial Intelligence alarm triggered by movement at an outdoor shopping center late one evening. Upon reviewing the live surveillance, VirtuGuard™ Agents observed a truck drive behind the building and park beside the private dumpsters. A man exited the truck and began unloading furniture and other large items into and beside the dumpsters. 

Upon further investigation, Agents found that the man asked one of the shopping center’s tenants if he could use the private dumpster. The tenant agreed although they did not have the authority to do so. 

Agents proceeded to initiate several Voice Down Commands alerting the man that he was illegally dumping and needed to gather his belongings and leave the restricted area. However, the Commands were ignored, and the man continued to unload his truck. 

VirtuGuard™ then called the onsite BOS Security Officer and alerted them to the situation. The Officer then responded to the location and spoke with the man attempting to illegally dump. The Officer reiterated to the man that he was illegally dumping on private property and that he needed to remove his belongings and leave the property.  

After speaking with the Officer, the man gathered his belongings and loaded them back into the truck before leaving the area. VirtuGuard™ and the onsite Security Officer continued to monitor the area closely to ensure that the man did not return to repeat the behavior.  

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