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Denver Multi Family Live Security Monitoring: The Smart Safety Solution

Protecting Your Multifamily Property: Common Security Risks and How to Mitigate Them

Facing property crime in Denver? Live security monitoring is key for your multi-family property. Discover the safeguarding benefits, the efficiency of 24/7 live monitoring, and learn how it is a cost-saving investment. This article guides you through the essentials of leveraging Denver multi-family live security monitoring for maximum tenant safety.

Key Takeaways

The Growing Need for Multi-Family Security in Denver

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A surge in multi-family properties is being experienced in Denver, thanks to its vibrant economy and booming population. However, with the likelihood of becoming a victim of violent crime being 1 in 103, and property crime 1 in 17, it’s clear that these properties are increasingly becoming targets for criminal activity. Some of the most prevalent crimes in these properties include:

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Illegal entry
  • Drug-related offenses

Business security has become a top priority for property owners due to the increase in crime rates, housing insecurity, drug misuse, and unemployment.

In addition, the rise in multi-family construction permits and city regulations mandating property owners to maintain safety standards have further escalated safety concerns. These concerns were intensified by events like the apartment construction fire in Aurora. This growing need for security has led to an increased demand for private security guards and trained security professionals. Live remote video monitoring, however, presents a smarter, more efficient solution to these challenges.

Crime Rates and Safety Concerns

The present crime rates in Denver are indeed alarming. The city’s crime rate in 2019 was reported to be higher than that of 93.2% of US cities, which is 1.6 times higher than the US average. This has resulted in an increased demand for security officers to maintain safety in specific neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by crime, such as:

  • East Colfax
  • Capitol Hill
  • Central Business District
  • Civic Center
  • Five Points

When compared to other major cities in the United States, Denver’s crime rate is 58% higher than the Colorado average and even exhibits a higher property crime rate compared to cities like Chicago. This troubling reality drives the call for an effective security solution capable of addressing this growing safety concern in multi-family properties.

The Role of Property Managers

Property managers, who are the shield bearers of tenant safety and property security, play an integral role in multi-family properties. They employ various strategies, including comprehensive risk evaluations, regular property inspections, and ensuring the presence of functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as collaborating with police officers and a security officer to uphold the safety of tenants.

However, property managers often encounter significant security challenges such as building access concerns, inadequate focus on security by property owners, and incidents of flooding and break-ins. In addressing these challenges, the implementation of an effective security solution is pivotal. This is where live remote video monitoring comes in as a modern, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Live Remote Video Monitoring: A Modern Solution

Property security has found a game-changer in live remote video monitoring. It involves real-time surveillance of a property by trained security professionals using advanced technology and artificial intelligence to detect and prevent criminal activities. Unlike traditional security guards who are prone to falling asleep on duty, getting distracted, or feeling overwhelmed, live remote video monitoring ensures 24/7 coverage without these vulnerabilities.

Deterrence and prevention of crimes, vandalism, or disturbances before they occur is the main objective of remote security monitoring. It enables agents to:

  • Detect suspicious activities at an early stage
  • Take action before crimes occur
  • Improve prevention
  • Increase the likelihood of apprehending perpetrators

This proactive approach aligns with budget constraints due to its efficiency.

How Live Remote Video Monitoring Works

Using advanced technology, trained security professionals perform real-time surveillance of a property through live remote video monitoring. At the heart of this system is artificial intelligence which:

  • Notifies Virtual Security Agents of ongoing activity or events, minimizing false alarms and enabling agents to focus on legitimate threats
  • Helps detect subtle movements, alerting agents to issues such as an open door that requires closure
  • Enhances overall security effectiveness

This monitoring service goes beyond the confines of a single location. It offers extensive coverage, including:

  • Perimeters
  • Entrances
  • Alleys
  • Rooftops
  • Parking lots
  • Storefronts
  • Secure rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Hallways

Essentially, any area where cameras are installed. The practical applications of a modern surveillance system are fully utilized to ensure effective security management.

Advantages Over Traditional Security Guards

Compared to traditional security guards, live remote video monitoring offers extensive coverage, quicker response times, and cost efficiency. This system provides a wider area of coverage without the physical constraints encountered by security guards, including the inability to be omnipresent and challenges in low-light visibility.

Moreover, live remote video monitoring has the capability to deliver swifter response times and provide valuable video evidence. The system can promptly notify security professionals of any suspicious activity, resulting in faster action as opposed to security guards who may overlook certain activities or experience delays in their response. With live video monitoring solutions, businesses can enhance their security measures and ensure a more efficient response to potential threats through remote video surveillance.

Furthermore, live remote video monitoring is more cost-effective than employing traditional security guards, reducing the necessity for a large on-site guard presence and the potential for incidents that could result in additional costs.

Implementing Live Security Monitoring in Your Multi-Family Property

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A significant step towards ensuring the safety and security of your residents is the implementation of live security monitoring in your multi-family property. It involves:

  1. Assessing your property’s security needs
  2. Choosing the right security provider to ensure maximum protection
  3. Identifying potential risks
  4. Developing a comprehensive security plan

The implementation process requires a thorough understanding of your property’s unique requirements.

To integrate a security system effectively, it is advisable to use smart multifamily security systems that leverage:

  • Cameras backed by AI
  • Live security monitoring
  • Advanced remote video monitoring solutions with cloud video management
  • Integrated analytics

These features will help ensure the safety and security of your property.

Assessing Your Property’s Security Needs

The first step in the implementation process is to assess your property’s security needs. This involves conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the property’s existing security status and identifying areas that require additional security measures. Security assessment tools, such as forensic site analysis and live video surveillance solutions, play a vital role in this process by enabling a comprehensive evaluation of the property’s existing security status and facilitating the identification of necessary enhancements.

By utilizing these effective security assessment tools, property managers can:

  • Identify potential threats, vulnerabilities, and areas that necessitate additional security measures
  • Conduct a comprehensive evaluation
  • Implement an effective live remote video monitoring system

This provides a solid foundation for enhancing security.

or facilities 24/7.

Case Study: Successful Implementation of Live Security Monitoring in a Denver Multi-Family Property

A case study of a Denver multi-family property provides a tangible example of the effectiveness of live security monitoring. The property experienced challenges including:

  • inadequate lighting and landscaping
  • numerous access points
  • tailgating and piggybacking
  • dark and unrestricted parking areas

Despite these challenges, the property opted to implement live security monitoring, thereby changing the security landscape of the property.

The implementation of live security monitoring had a transformative effect on the property, yielding a multitude of benefits. It led to improved safety for the residents, prevention of criminal activities, and the ability to conduct real-time security monitoring within the property. This successful integration is a testament to the effectiveness of live security monitoring.

Challenges Faced by the Property

The property in our case study faced a myriad of challenges, including:

  • High crime rates in close proximity to the property, which compounded the risks
  • Violent crime rates in Denver escalating the susceptibility of properties like large market-rate apartment complexes and condominiums
  • Inadequate security measures, including poor lighting, ineffective crime-deterrent landscaping, excessive access points, and the absence of appropriate security protocols.

Such risks not only attract potential threats but also jeopardize the safety of the entire community. These security gaps, coupled with the duties property managers have to uphold tenant safety and property security, necessitated a shift in their approach to security.

Results and Benefits of Live Security Monitoring

A whirlwind of positive changes came to the property with the implementation of live security monitoring. Live security monitoring decreased crime rates in the property by 14% and property offenses by 16%, according to the Office of Justice Programs. This not only increased the safety of residents but also saved the property from potential damages and losses.

Furthermore, live security monitoring improved tenant satisfaction by offering a heightened sense of security and tranquility. Continuous monitoring and alerts for potential hazards and emergencies created a safer and more secure living environment for tenants. These results, along with the identification of retraining needs, remote guarding, and real-time issue response, highlight the successful outcomes of integrating Live Remote Video Monitoring in multi-family properties in Denver.

Cost-Effectiveness of Live Security Monitoring

Live security monitoring is not only effective in preventing crime and improving security, but it’s also a cost-effective solution for multi-family properties. This system offers both short-term and long-term savings compared to traditional security measures, enabling 24/7 coverage of 100% of a property at a rate that is frequently lower in cost.

Comparing Costs

Compared to the costs of traditional security guard services, live remote video monitoring is the more cost-effective option. For instance, the VirtuGuard™ security camera service, a live video monitoring service, offers cost-effectiveness in comparison to traditional security guard services, which are generally more expensive in the long term.

Live remote video monitoring services in Denver typically range from $250 to $2500 per month, providing a more cost-effective option compared to the continuous expenses of traditional security guards. Considering that the cost of traditional security guard services can vary from $12 to over $100 per hour, the fixed monthly rate of live video monitoring services presents significant savings.

Long-Term Savings

Live security monitoring offers the following benefits:

  • Long-term financial benefits
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Maintaining a secure environment
  • Preventing crime
  • Minimizing property damage and liability claims
  • Reducing the reliance on expensive security guard services.

Insurance premiums for multi-family properties can also potentially decrease if live security monitoring systems are installed, as property owners may be eligible for discounts from insurance companies. Furthermore, enhanced safety and security through live monitoring can positively impact tenant retention, creating a safer and more secure living environment for tenants, which translates to consistent rental income for property owners.


The growing need for effective security in Denver’s multi-family properties is apparent. Amidst rising crime rates and safety concerns, traditional security measures such as hiring security guards fall short. Live remote video monitoring emerges as a modern, efficient, and cost-effective solution. It not only addresses the unique security demands of multi-family properties but also offers extensive coverage, faster response times, and significant cost savings. As our case study demonstrates, implementing live security monitoring can drastically improve property safety, decrease crime rates, and enhance tenant satisfaction. In a city like Denver, where safety and security are paramount, adopting live security monitoring is a smart, strategic move for multi-family property owners and managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is remote video monitoring?

Remote video monitoring is a smart and safe alternative to traditional video surveillance, where strategically-placed cameras capture real-time footage that is monitored by highly trained agents. This provides a proactive approach to security. Use it to keep an eye on your business and safeguard your assets.

How can I monitor my security camera remotely?

You can monitor your security camera remotely by connecting an NVR or DVR to a router, and then using a computer or mobile device with free smartphone apps to view live videos and receive push notifications when something happens. This is the ideal way to monitor your security cameras from another location.

Can a company use video surveillance to monitor employees?

Yes, companies can use video surveillance to monitor employees in the workplace as long as there is a legitimate business reason and no reasonable expectation of privacy.

What’s another term for security guard?

Another term for a security guard is “security officer.” This term encompasses various synonyms such as watchkeeper, sentinel, and patrol.

What factors should I consider when choosing a live security monitoring provider?

When choosing a live security monitoring provider, consider factors such as the type of property, your budget, and the installation options available. These factors help ensure you select a provider that meets your needs and preferences.


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