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Remote Guards Confront Suspicious Person Inspecting Electrical Box

Remote Guards Confront Suspicious Person Inspecting Electrical Box

VirtuGuard™ was remotely monitoring an outdoor shopping center overnight when Command Center Agents on duty observed a suspicious vehicle drive behind the building. A person exited the vehicle and looked around the area with a flashlight. The person appeared to be closely looking at the building’s electrical box. 

To deter the behavior, Agents issued a Voice Command instructing the person to leave the private property. The person continued to shine their flashlight around the electrical box and Agents issued more Voice Commands.  

The individual was observed getting back into their vehicle and leaving the property.  

Resolve Trespassing with Remote Guarding

VirtuGuard™ and the use of remote guarding services can resolve trespassing and other events at your business. By using remote security solutions like two-way audio speakers, remote guards can intervene in an instant. Without having to dispatch an onsite Security Officer or a local police unit, VirtuGuard™ can engage directly in incidents to resolve them quickly, effectively, and affordably. 

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