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Exploring Security Guard Companies: Finding the Right Fit for Your Business Safety Needs

Drive-by Patrols: Make the Switch from Physical to Virtual

Choosing the right security guard company is critical for the protection of your business. This guide cuts through the noise to help you understand key factors such as integration with technology, cost efficiency, and services offered by security guard companies, to support your decision-making process in selecting a security solution that suits your specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Security guard companies have evolved with technology integration, using remote monitoring and advanced analytics to enhance traditional services and improve security outcomes.
  • VirtuGuard™ offers an innovative and cost-efficient alternative to on-site security personnel, combining human vigilance with advanced technology such as AI-powered video analytics, access control, and biometrics for comprehensive security solutions.
  • Custom security solutions like VirtuGuard™ cater to diverse business needs, provide real-time remote monitoring, support police and security personnel responses, and offer substantial cost savings over traditional on-site security guards.

The Evolution of Security Guard Services

From the private guards of Europe protecting property and money to the present-day private security guard, the security industry has witnessed a significant metamorphosis. Despite the critical role they play, security guards in the U.S. often lack extensive professional training, affecting the effectiveness of managed alarm systems. However, they still remain an integral part of the security apparatus, reacting to situations promptly and preventing escalation into serious crimes.

The introduction of technology, such as video surveillance and remote monitoring, has drastically improved the security landscape. Combining video surveillance with security guards has resulted in a more cost-efficient and effective solution. This collaboration between live security guards and remote monitoring agents has significantly minimized security risks. The agents monitor properties using live video, alerting on-site guards to any suspicious activity.

The Role of Traditional Security Guards

Historically, the presence of security guards at gatehouses of private parking lots, entrances of large buildings, and surveillance monitors has been instrumental in safeguarding businesses and properties. This physical presence serves as a deterrent to potential offenders. However, this physical presence is not without its limitations. The guards cannot be omnipresent, and their efficacy diminishes in conditions of low visibility, like darkness.

In addition, criminals can exploit these limitations by creating distractions or issuing threats to hinder their effectiveness. Hence, in assessing the effectiveness of traditional security guards, it is imperative to recognize these shortcomings and apply additional measures like video verification to mitigate these vulnerabilities.

Incorporating Technology into Security

To counteract the shortcomings of traditional security guards, security measures have incorporated advanced technologies such as remote guarding solutions and video analytics. Remote video guarding provides continuous surveillance of properties from any location, using security cameras and analytics to alert remote guards of potential incidents, thereby minimizing false alarms and providing video evidence when necessary.

Specific technologies such as License Plate Recognition Cameras and thermal imaging are being used to enhance security measures, especially in complex environments like outdoor perimeters and different types of properties like warehouses and industrial facilities. While these technologies enhance overall security measures, they can’t entirely replace live security guards. Instead, they supplement the responsibilities of live security personnel, bolstering security measures without necessarily leading to a reduction in labor expenses.

VirtuGuard™: A Modern Alternative to On-Site Security Personnel

VirtuGuard™: A Modern Alternative to On-Site Security Personnel

As security needs evolve, VirtuGuard™ surfaces as a contemporary alternative to on-site security personnel. By integrating live video monitoring with advanced analytics, VirtuGuard™ provides a holistic security approach that surpasses the reach of conventional security guards.

VirtuGuard™ utilizes advanced technologies, including:

  • Live video monitoring
  • AI-powered video analytics
  • Enhanced surveillance systems
  • Access control
  • Biometrics
  • Automation
  • Integration with human security guards

This combination of human vigilance and advanced technology provides an all-encompassing security solution tailored to the diverse requirements of a dynamic business environment, drastically improve security.

How VirtuGuard™ Works

VirtuGuard™ morphs cameras and related technologies into proactive tools designed to curb crime, vandalism, and undesired behaviors. Its remote monitoring agents actively deter criminals using tools like two-way speakers.

In addition, the Camera Health Monitoring tool:

  • Identifies device issues
  • Enables the service team to address them through a scalable process
  • Proves particularly useful in addressing issues such as camera outages or environmental changes impacting devices.

Advantages of Choosing VirtuGuard™

Opting for VirtuGuard™ comes with numerous perks, including:

  • Significant cost-saving benefits over traditional security methods by reducing labor and travel expenses
  • Improved security by facilitating effective remote monitoring of businesses
  • Enhanced coverage of multiple areas concurrently
  • Exceeding the capabilities of foot patrols by on-site security guards

Additionally, VirtuGuard™ offers the following features:

  • Minimizes false alarms by utilizing event verification before initiating action
  • Provides video evidence to authenticate alerts
  • Ensures an appropriate and timely response

Custom Security Solutions for Various Business Types

VirtuGuard™ recognizes that different businesses have unique security requirements. It caters to the specific needs of retail and commercial businesses by actively monitoring for internal and external theft. Trained agents conduct surveillance on shoppers and take preventive measures to deter theft incidents.

It also provides robust security solutions for industrial and warehouse facilities, ensuring continuous protection and surveillance of the property.

Retail and Commercial Properties

VirtuGuard™ plays a key role in preventing theft in commercial properties by:

  • Utilizing advanced technology and vigilant surveillance to detect and promptly address intrusions
  • Reducing potential loss and liability
  • Ensuring continuous monitoring to identify trespassers and intervene before they can cause additional harm.

Additionally, VirtuGuard™ enhances customer safety by creating a safer atmosphere in retail and commercial settings through advanced monitoring and control measures.

Industrial and Warehouse Facilities

Industrial and warehouse facilities face specific security challenges such as theft of goods, fire hazards, and employee safety concerns. VirtuGuard™ addresses these challenges by offering remote monitoring services, ensuring continuous protection and surveillance of the property.

It also employs Virtual Guard technology to enhance surveillance capabilities and provide secure cloud storage for easy access to a two-year record of video feeds.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Hiring Security Guards vs. Remote Monitoring

A cost-benefit analysis is vital when deliberating over security solutions. Traditional security guards can cost anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour, whereas the cost of implementing remote monitoring through VirtuGuard™ ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month.

Live video surveillance contributes to cost savings by allowing for simultaneous monitoring of every area of a property, making VirtuGuard™ a more cost-effective solution as opposed to the expense of hiring multiple security guards.

Evaluating the Financial Impact

The economic implications of employing security guards as opposed to remote monitoring are of utmost importance. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The average expense of employing a security guard can vary from $25 to over $100 per hour.
  • Remote monitoring services typically cost 35-50% less than security guards.
  • Factors such as the level of training, specialized certifications, experience, and skill of the guards also impact the pricing of security services.

Businesses can anticipate realizing potential cost savings by utilizing systems like VirtuGuard™, as they have the capability to decrease labor expenses, mitigate false alarms, and reduce the overhead associated with recruiting, training, and supervising security personnel.

Long-Term Savings and ROI

VirtuGuard™ services offer a more cost-effective solution, potentially resulting in significant long-term savings and a higher return on investment for businesses. Particularly when factoring in hourly rates and associated expenses over time, the cost savings become quite evident.

The typical cost of a VirtuGuard™ subscription can range from a few hundred dollars per month to possibly a few thousand dollars.

Enhancing Team Safety with Video Evidence and Support

In any organization, the safety of the team is of utmost importance. Real-time video monitoring is instrumental in ensuring employee safety by tracking their activities, managing visitor access, and documenting any suspicious behavior.

VirtuGuard™ enhances team safety by offering:

  • Remote video monitoring, especially in hazardous environments, to improve the safety and security of team members
  • Efficient integration of video surveillance with physical security guards, expanding security coverage
  • Discouraging criminal behavior
  • Decreasing response times

Strengthening Police Officers’ Response

Real-time video documentation and remote support from VirtuGuard™ can bolster the response of police officers. Live street and body camera footage aids in monitoring situations, identifying suspects or witnesses, and assisting in solving crimes. VirtuGuard™ aids law enforcement during emergency scenarios by offering real-time remote video monitoring and partnering with onsite personnel and local police.

This guarantees that precise and essential responses are activated by the alarm system, ensuring that officers are provided with specific incident details and locations to enhance their response times and efficacy.

Supporting Human Decision-Making

VirtuGuard™ technology aids in supporting human decision-making in critical security situations by offering:

  • Remote monitoring services that alleviate the workload of human operators
  • Enabling them to concentrate on crucial decision-making responsibilities
  • Improving situational awareness for decision-making based on evidence.

In high-pressure situations, VirtuGuard™ supports decision-making by offering features like interactive monitoring and access to live video surveillance streams and recorded security video from client properties.

Selecting the Right Security Guard Company for Your Organization

Selecting an apt security guard company for your organization requires meticulous deliberation. It’s essential to assess company credentials, such as:

  • experience
  • stability
  • workforce size
  • overall reputation

Checking for certification and licensure also provides legal protection for security guards and the company they work for, minimizing the risk of legal action associated with the response and aftermath of a threat.

Understanding the service offerings of security guard companies is equally important. Services often encompass:

  • Retail security guards
  • Store detectives
  • Mobile security guards
  • Receptionist security guards
  • Security risk assessments
  • Off-duty officers
  • Security technology
  • Mobile patrols
  • Remote monitoring

Assessing Company Credentials

Assessing a security guard company’s credentials involves verifying their certifications and licenses, reviewing their track record, and considering the qualifications and certifications of their security personnel. Typical certifications required include Physical Security Concepts, Physical Security Standards, Countermeasures, Security 5 Certification, and others. These certifications ensure that security personnel are adequately trained and competent.

Understanding Service Offerings

Understanding a security guard company’s service offerings and how they align with your organization’s needs is crucial. A provider should have the capacity to adapt their services as your organization expands or your security requirements evolve. It is also vital for your organization’s business goals to align with the security service offering.

When comparing service offerings from different security guard companies, it’s advisable to:

  • Verify their experience
  • Request quotes and proposals
  • Conduct research on the firm’s reviews and track record
  • Read online reviews and ratings.

Partnering with VirtuGuard™ for Comprehensive Security Today

Partnering with VirtuGuard™ for your security solutions brings along numerous benefits, including:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring services to ensure comprehensive surveillance of your property
  • Services that are adaptable and capable of meeting your changing needs
  • Solutions that align with your business objectives

VirtuGuard™ tailors its security services by conducting thorough audits to pinpoint the distinct needs and concerns of each business. They offer customized interactive remote monitoring or virtual guard services that specifically address those requirements. Customer feedback for VirtuGuard™’s services has been positive, highlighting the exceptional commercial security services and effective protection of assets through remote monitoring.

Getting Started with VirtuGuard™

Initiating the use of VirtuGuard™ is a straightforward process. The system includes the installation of cameras and required equipment at the designated property. Virtual guards stationed at a remote Command Center receive alerts and video clips of any suspicious activity.

The system is configured to operate during the requested monitoring hours. VirtuGuard™ also offers comprehensive onboarding and training for their services, ensuring a smooth transition.

Tailored Security Strategies

It’s vital to devise a custom security strategy to cater to the distinctive needs of your organization. VirtuGuard™ prioritizes understanding and establishing security benchmarks tailored to the client’s requirements. They utilize artificial intelligence technology to personalize their surveillance and monitoring services, addressing the unique requirements of industries such as:

  • Auto dealerships
  • Museums
  • Scrap yards
  • Construction sites
  • Government facilities
  • Warehouses


In conclusion, the evolution of security guard services has led to the development of comprehensive security solutions that combine human vigilance with advanced technology. VirtuGuard™ stands out as a modern alternative to on-site security personnel, offering remote monitoring services that enhance security and provide cost-saving advantages. Whether you operate a retail store, a commercial property, or an industrial warehouse, VirtuGuard™ can tailor a security strategy to meet your unique needs. With VirtuGuard™, you can rest assured that your property and team are safeguarded around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

What security guards make the most money?

Security specialists, security administrators, and security operations managers are among the highest-paying types of security guards, with salary ranges from $83,000 to $98,500 per year.

Which company is best for security?

The best security companies include Vivint, Ring, Abode, and others based on ratings and customer reviews. Consider these options to find the best security company for your needs.

What is the largest security guard company in the US?

The largest security guard company in the US is Allied Burton, with an annual revenue of $11.6 billion.

What’s another term for security guard?

Another term for security guard is “security officer.” This term is often used interchangeably with “security guard” to refer to individuals responsible for ensuring safety and protection in various settings.

What are the main benefits of VirtuGuard™ over traditional security guards?

The main benefits of VirtuGuard™ over traditional security guards include substantial cost-saving advantages, reduced false alarms, continuous surveillance of properties, and enhanced security by providing coverage of multiple areas concurrently.


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