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Security Guard Quality Control Services

Security Guard Quality Control Services

When a business hires a Security Guard, there is an expectation that the Guard will be vigilant in protecting a business’ people, property, and assets. However, often left with little to no supervision, some Security Officers may veer off tasks when they believe no one is observing them. 

Utilizing surveillance cameras and technology, VirtuGuard™ can conduct quality control checks on Security Officers to ensure that their appearance and behavior is in line with their duties and expectations. From VirtuGuard™ Command Centers, security professionals can remotely monitor guards on duty to evaluate their performance and adherence to internal and external policies and procedures. 

With over thirty years of experience in providing guard services, BOS Security is dedicated to ensuring our Officers, and even those employed by other companies, provide the best security services possible.  

Remote Guard Inspection

Remote quality control checks of Security Guards can improve the performance of security personnel. Inspections of guard performance and appearance can lead to ongoing improvements and emphasis on continuous training. Below are a few examples of the behavior that can be examined during quality control inspections of Security Officers. 

Adherence to Uniform Policies

Visible and presentable uniforms are crucial for onsite Security Guards. Uniforms can provide a sense of professionalism and authority needed to instill confidence in staff and guests that the site is protected by competent security personnel. Often, the presence of a uniformed Security Guard can deter criminals. Also, if staff or guests need assistance, a uniform is easily recognizable as that of an authority figure. 

VirtuGuard™ can review live surveillance footage of a client site to check in and ensure that Security Guard uniforms are visible and presentable. This includes making sure shirts are tucked in, badges are prominently displayed, and that grooming standards are followed. 

If a Security Guard is not in proper uniform, VirtuGuard™ can notify the relevant supervisor so that corrective action can be taken. 

No More Sleeping on the Job

You’ve likely watched TV shows or films that depict the stereotype of the sleeping Security Guard. Often assigned to graveyard shifts or businesses with low activity or traffic, an inattentive Security Officer can pose a risk to the safety and protection of a business, as well as the guard company’s reputation. 

Through regular visual checks of the onsite Security Officer, VirtuGuard™ can detect if a guard is sleeping or otherwise inattentive. From remote Command Centers, other security professionals can act to wake or redirect the guard onsite. This may include calling the Officer directly or using two-way audio speakers to wake or redirect the guard.  

VirtuGuard™ can also report incidents to managers or supervisors for corrective action can be taken. 

Verify Regular Patrols and Security Checks

If there are concerns whether a Security Officer is regularly and adequately completing their patrols and security checks of a property, VirtuGuard™ can be used to verify that their duties are being complied with.  

Remote quality control inspections can ensure that an Officer is frequently patrolling and assessing the areas they are tasked with protecting. VirtuGuard™ also monitors for additional duties like screening and documenting guests, controlling gate and door locks, and more. 

If Security Officers are not regularly completing their assigned tasks, VirtuGuard™ can report this information to their supervisors so that additional training or disciplinary actions can be taken. 

Prohibit Personal Guests

Security Officer roles often lack direct or frequent supervision. Because of this, some employees may try to take advantage of the lack of supervision and bring personal guests to work. Whether a Security Officer brings their child to the workplace because of a childcare conflict or brings their significant other along to keep them company during their shift, VirtuGuard™ can monitor the location to ensure that there are no unapproved guests. 

For Security Guards, maintaining professional boundaries in the workplace is crucial to establish trust and authority within the property they are protecting. VirtuGuard™ utilizes surveillance to verify that guards are not bringing personal guests to work and if they are, that proper discipline for violating company policies can be taken. 

Ongoing Training and Education

Remote quality control inspections of Security Guards provide opportunities for ongoing training and education. During inspections, if there is repeat behavior that indicates a gap in knowledge or understanding of key duties and responsibilities, additional training can be assigned to those Guards. 

Continuous reinforcement of employee expectations can improve the individual Security Officer’s performance on the job and develop a culture of ongoing professional development. 

Security Guard Quality Control With VirtuGuard™

Quality control inspections of Security Officers is a useful and effective tool for providing the best guard services possible. The presentation and performance of a Security Officer is a crucial aspect of the job to instill confidence in the people they are tasked with protecting.  

VirtuGuard™ utilizes surveillance cameras and other technology to remotely verify if Security Guards are accurately and effectively completing their job responsibilities. If a Security Officer is not wearing proper uniform, is failing to complete patrols, or is bringing unapproved guests to their shift, VirtuGuard™ can report this activity to supervisors so that the behavior can be corrected. 

If you are interested in learning more about Security Guard quality control services, complete the contact form below. 


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