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VirtuGuard™ Assists Security Guard in Stopping Loitering at Restaurant

VirtuGuard™ Assists Security Guard in Stopping Loitering at Restaurant

Late one evening, the property manager of an outdoor shopping center called VirtuGuard™ to alert Agents to three young males loitering on the property in front of a restaurant. He asked that VirtuGuard™ dispatch the onsite BOS Security Officer to the location to discern whether they had pertinent business on the property. If they did not, the guard was instructed to remove them from the property. 

Minutes later, the Officer approached the males and asked that they leave the property if they were not customers of the nearby businesses. They complied without incident. One male left the area on a scoter and the other two entered the restaurant. The Officer remained in the area to ensure there were no further issues. 

A few minutes later, the males who entered the restaurant exited with bags of food and met back up with the male on the scooter before they all left the property. After speaking with other patrons, the Officer found that the males had been asking people for money and that someone had purchased them food from the restaurant, which is why they were loitering outside. 

VirtuGuard™ Agents reviewed the surveillance footage to confirm that the male shad been asking patrons for money, observing several people handing them cash out of their pockets shortly before the Officer arrived.  

VirtuGuard™ and the onsite BOS Security Officer continued to monitor the area to ensure that the males did not return.  

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