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Virtual Guards Interfere to Stop Illegal Dumping

Virtual Guards Interfere to Stop Illegal Dumping

An outdoor shopping mall has been utilizing VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring and onsite guard services from BOS Security to combat issues with loitering, illegal dumping, vehicle break-ins, and other illegal and unwanted activity. 

One evening during a proactive virtual patrol of the property, a VirtuGuard™ Agent observed a black SUV hauling a small trailer pull behind the building and park beside the private commercial dumpsters. A male exited the SUV and began unloading trash off his trailer and attempting to place one bag inside the dumpster and one bag on the ground beside it.  

VirtuGuard™ immediately activated a Voice Command, informing the male that he was attempting to illegal dumping his garbage and instructing him to retrieve his bags and vacate the premises. 

Upon hearing the Voice Command, the male stopped unloading his trash and got back into his vehicle to leave the property. VirtuGuard™ continued to closely monitor the area to ensure that the male did not return to continue illegally dumping. 

Watch video footage of another illegal dumping incident.

Stop Illegal Dumping with Virtual Guarding

Keep your operational costs down and prevent illegal dumping with VirtuGuard™ remote virtual guarding. To learn more about our service offerings, visit or complete the contact form below to speak with a sales representative. 


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