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Police Tow Suspicious Vehicle from Auto Salvage Yard

Police Tow Suspicious Vehicle from Auto Salvage Yard

Early one morning at approximately 4:58am, VirtuGuard™ observed a white SUV drive onto the premises of an auto salvage yard. Agents on duty recognized the vehicle from past theft attempts at the property. The vehicle approached the entrance gate and parked. The driver exited and walked towards the gate. 

VirtuGuard™ immediately called the local police department to report the ongoing theft. While on the line with the dispatcher, Agents observed the suspect inside the entrance gate, carrying rims towards their vehicle.  

At approximately 5:13am, the police arrived at the salvage yard and began looking for the suspect. They remained in contact with VirtuGuard™ while they searched the property. Unfortunately, the police were unable to locate the suspect. However, they towed the vehicle off the property and impounded it. They also located the rims that the suspect attempted to steal near the vehicle and returned them inside the gate. 

The impound truck exited the property with the suspect’s vehicle at 5:56am. The police vacated the premises right after. Later that day, the police called VirtuGuard™ back with an update. Police provided the case number and confirmed that the white SUV that they impounded was stolen. 

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