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Avigilon Camera Monitoring Service

Avigilon Camera Monitoring Service

To support Command Center operations, VirtuGuard™ utilizes and integrates with different products and technologies. Avigilon, a subsidiary of Motorola Solutions, specializes in video analytics, video management, surveillance cameras, and access control products.  

Live and recorded video feeds captured by Avigilon surveillance cameras are easily integrated into the VirtuGuard™ Command Center for Live Agents to detect, investigate, and respond to incidents on a client’s property. The access control options offered by Avigilon empower VirtuGuard™ Agents to remotely grant access to approved visitors and monitor their movements within a property. 

VirtuGuard™ Remote Monitoring

VirtuGuard™ is an interactive video monitoring solution from BOS Security, Inc. Our Command Centers can remotely monitor surveillance cameras and other security infrastructure to prevent crime from occurring. Below are the different services offered by VirtuGuard™. 

Proactive Virtual Patrols and Escorts

Scheduled or random virtual patrols are conducted to detect any abnormal or unwanted activity. Like a foot patrol conducted by an onsite Security Guard, a proactive virtual patrol is conducted through surveillance cameras and other security infrastructure. 

Using the same process, Virtual Guards can provide escorts for employees or residents to or from their vehicles. Employees or residents can call a designated phone line and request an escort at any time. Agents will remain on the line and monitor their movements to their destinations, ensuring that they arrive safely. 

Artificial Intelligence Alarms

VirtuGuard™ applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to surveillance cameras to detect motion on a property. When motion is detected, an alarm will be sent into a Command Center. Live Agents then review the recorded and live video footage of the trigger and will react accordingly to the event. 

Audio Services

VirtuGuard™ strongly recommends that each client install audio speakers throughout their properties. Audio capabilities allow Agents to directly intervene in incidents that occur on your site to resolve issues without additional response or manpower. For example, if trespassing is detected after a business is closed, Agents can alert the trespasser that they are being monitored and recorded and instruct them to leave the property. 

Video Auditing

Video operational audits are conducted to evaluate the processes and procedures within an organization. Each audit is customized to the business and the industry it operates within. The goal of an audit is to make ownership and management aware of issues within the business they may not know about and to offer a knowledge base for making improvements. Improved effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s operation led to greater profitability, legal compliance, and an increase in both employee and customer satisfaction. 

Avigilon Camera Monitoring Service: VirtuGuard™

VirtuGuard™ can remotely monitor Avigilon surveillance cameras and utilizes other Avigilon software and products to secure client properties.  

Video Security

Avigilon IP (internet protocol) security cameras are designed to help security professionals detect and respond to issues faster. AI-powered IP cameras allow VirtuGuard™ to detect, verify, and respond to incidents quickly and efficiently. The visibility of security cameras is crucial when detecting unwanted or criminal activity. Avigilon cameras help our Agents see key details, even in challenging conditions, like low lighting, high contrast, and other weather conditions. 

Avigilon offers several diverse types of cameras for different needs and conditions. 

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras can record a wider view angle of an area. Due to their shape and design, they can be more difficult to identify as cameras or decipher the direction they are pointing towards and recording. Most dome cameras are built to withstand vandalism or tampering attempts and can be utilized in both indoor and outdoor settings.  

Bullet & Box Cameras

Bullet cameras are most recognizable as security cameras. They typically have larger lenses and are weatherproof, making them effective for outdoor monitoring, as they can provide a higher level of detail over a greater distance. 

Box IP cameras can be customized with various parts to support unique needs. The lenses and housing can be swapped to better suit a property’s security needs. 

Pan, Tilt, & Zoom Cameras 

Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) IP cameras can be used to monitor large indoor and outdoor areas. A single IP PTZ camera can be remotely controlled to change camera angles and zoom in on specific areas of activity. 

360 and Panoramic Cameras

Panoramic or 360 cameras eliminate blind spots for complete situational awareness. Effective for corners, hallways, intersection, stairwells, and other environments, these cameras can detect motion with AI to send alarms into the VirtuGuard™ Command Center in an instant. 

Specialty Security Cameras 

Avigilon over several specialty security cameras and sensors designed to cover distinct indoor and outdoor environments. This includes corner cameras, discreet modular cameras, video intercoms, and much more. 

Video Analytics and Sensors 

Avigilon AI video analytics and video management software work to detect abnormal activity, automate investigations, and boost operational efficiency. Using real time previews and automated alert, VirtuGuard™ will never miss an incident. This technology enables trained security professionals to streamline operations while achieving maximum efficiency through informed decision making. 

Intrusion Detection 

Avigilon Intrusion Detection combined AI video and audio analytics to detect, deter, and respond to incidents at a client site. The VirtuGuard™ Command Center can specify which areas to monitor and can customize alerts based on duration of presence, number people gathered, and more. Intrusion detection can be utilized for schools, retail stores, outdoor areas, and more. 

License Plate Reader

Liscence Plate Recognition Systems from Avigilon enhance parking security and operations. License plate readers can scan vehicles across multiple lanes and in all lighting conditions. The technology automatically links the license plate information to live and recorded video. VirtuGuard™ can create secure watch lists with this technology to provide alerts for flagged vehicles. 

Occupancy Management

Avigilon analytic-embedded solutions monitor entrances and exits and track real-time occupancy data to enhance safety. This occupancy monitoring technology can count vehicles and people to keep a rolling total of the flow of people and vehicles entering and exiting a property. Heatmapping technology can identify congestion or hotspots for suspicious behavior. 

Access Control

Access Control Systems by Avigilon enhance security at every level. These building access control systems can manage any number of users and sites, making it the perfect solution for businesses of any size. Avigilon has remote unlock capabilities and increases visibility and situational awareness with these access control products. 

Atla Cloud Access Control

Atla Cloud Access Control is flexible software with reliable mobile capabilities. VirtuGuard™ can quickly issue and revoke access to buildings with mobile credentials. Even during internet or service outages, approved individuals can still unlock doors with their mobile device. Using this technology, VirtuGuard™ can see and access video in real-time and remotely manage access control from our Command Centers. 

Unity On-Prem Access Control 

Unity On-Premise Access Control secures VirtuGuard™ client facilities. After installation, this access control can be activated as soon as it is plugged in.  

Door Readers & Intercoms

Avigilon easy-to-install access control card readers and smart access control door equipment make controlling access into and out of your business quick and simple. Avigilon is compatible with several integrations, video and intercom capabilities, and end-to-end encryption to protect client data. 

Access Credentials

Avigilon offers several access credentials, including touchless access, key cards and fobs, keypad access, and guest passes. The Alta cloud-based mobile credentials eliminate the need for a designated staff member to control access and egress, decreasing operational costs. Avigilon access readers uses Bluetooth technology to instantly recognize and authorize mobile credentials. 

VirtuGuard™: Avigilon Camera Monitoring

VirtuGuard™ integrates seamlessly with Avigilon technology to provide state-of-the-art remote guarding services. To learn more about VirtuGuard™ and other technologies we integrate with, complete the contact form below. 


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