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Car Dealership Trespass Halted by Remote Video Monitoring

Car Dealership Trespass Halted by Remote Video Monitoring

Earlier this year, a collective of luxury car dealerships suffered theft exceeding one million dollars. To secure the properties and assets and prevent further theft, the dealership group opted to implement 24/7/365 VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring. 

Shortly after getting the onsite surveillance cameras and two-way audio speakers connected to our Command Centers, Agents began receiving alerts triggered by trespassing on the properties after hours. Through surveillance technology, VirtuGuard™ is now able to intervene directly in events that occur on the property, preventing additional theft. 

AI Detects Trespassing at Car Dealership After Hours

Watch video footage of the incident.

At about 2:03am one morning, Agents on duty saw an individual look through a vehicle window in the parking lot. Movement on the property was detected by Artificial Intelligence (AI), sending a live alarm into the Command Center for Agents to review. 

Upon seeing the suspicious behavior after the dealership was closed, Agents activated Voice Down commands. Through speakers installed throughout the property, Agents informed the individual that all activities were being monitored and recorded. 

VirtuGuard™ continued to monitor the individual as he walked around the parking lot looking at vehicles. At approximately 2:15am, the individual entered a sedan before vacating the property. Agents reviewed the surveillance footage of the area and confirmed that the individual left in the same vehicle he arrived in. 

Agents continued to closely monitor the dealership to ensure that no additional trespassing occurred. 

Stop Car Dealership Theft with Remote Guarding

With surveillance cameras, two-way audio speakers, AI technology, and other security infrastructure, VirtuGuard™ can prevent and detect criminal or unwanted behavior at car dealerships. Don’t wait for expensive losses of cars or parts to implement an affordable and effective security solution. 

To learn more about what VirtuGuard™ can do for your car dealership, visit and complete the contact form below today to speak to one of our security experts. 


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