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Secure Your Pool Areas with Remote Video Monitoring

Secure Your Pool Areas with Remote Video Monitoring

As the summer months quickly approach and apartment and residential community pools begin to open for the season, securing your pool areas is more important than ever. Pools within residential communities open property management to liability, should non-residents enter the area or if pool protocols are ignored. 

VirtuGuard™ can secure residential private pools using remote surveillance technology. Through surveillance cameras, audio speakers, AI, and more, VirtuGuard™ can ensure gates are secured to prevent unauthorized entry, monitor individuals in the area to ensure all rules are being followed, and much more. 

In the examples outlined below, VirtuGuard™ intervened in several incidents during the first day the pool was open. Ranging from individuals jumping the fence to leaving the pool gate propped open, Agents were able to intervene to establish and enforce proper pool procedures. 

Males Jump Fence to Enter Private Pool

One evening at approximately 5:38pm, VirtuGuard™ Agents observed a male climb over the fence to the pool at an apartment complex. The male proceeded to open the gate, allowing more people to enter the area.  

Agents continued to monitor the area and observed several individuals appear to have issues entering the gate with their access key card. However, eventually residents were able to use their key cards to enter the pool area. Agents continued to monitor the area to detect any other unauthorized entry. 

Three Males Enter Pool Area After Hours 

Later that night at approximately 8:13pm, Agents observed 3 males inside the pool area after the authorized hours. Agents immediately began issuing Voice Down Commands, alerting the men that the pool was closed for the night. 

The men remained in the pool area and did not respond to the Voice Downs. Following protocols established by property management, VirtuGuard™ called the local police to report the incident. Before the police could arrive, the men vacated the pool area. 

Pool Gate Left Open by Resident

That same night at approximately 11pm, Agents were conducting a virtual patrol when they observed that the side gate to the pool area was left open. VirtuGuard™ reviewed the recorded video footage to determine who left the breach into the pool area. 

Following site protocol, Agents alerted the property manager to the unsecured pool area. VirtuGuard™ shared images of the person responsible for leaving the gate open so that the property manager could take further action. 

Remote Security Monitoring for Pools

To secure the pool area in your apartment or residential community this summer, implement VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring. Security professionals monitor 24/7/365 for any illegal or unwanted activity, preventing property damage, nuisances, and liability that comes with residential pools. 

To learn more about what VirtuGuard™ can do for you, complete the contact form below. 


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