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Remote Guards Foil Luxury Car Dealership Break-In!

Remote Guards Foil Luxury Car Dealership Break-In!
Watch surveillance footage of the incident!

At approximately 3:56am at a luxury car dealership, VirtuGuard™ detected two males in the parking lot looking at and taking photos of vehicles. Command Center Agents immediately conducted a Voice Down through a nearby audio speaker. The individuals did not appear to hear the announcement, and one opened the door of a white car and sat down in the driver’s side seat. VirtuGuard™ issued several more Voice Downs that appeared to go unnoticed. 

A minute later, the individuals were seen walking towards the side of the shop. VirtuGuard™ issued another Voice Down, this time delivering the announcement through a different audio speaker. Agents alerted the individuals that they were being monitored and recorded and instructed them to vacate the premises or police would be called. 

Upon hearing the Voice Down, the two males began running towards the vehicle they arrived in and quickly entered the vehicle and vacated the premises. 

Protect Your Car Dealership with VirtuGuard™ Remote Guards 

With VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring services, remote security professionals can detect and respond to suspicious or illegal behavior in an instant. With AI motion detection, proactive virtual patrols, two-way audio, and other advanced security technology and infrastructure, Command Center Agents can protect your property and assets. 

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