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Arrest Made After Break-In and Theft at Scrapyard

Arrest Made After Break-In and Theft at Scrapyard

At approximately 1:05am, VirtuGuard™ began a routine review of recent video footage at a scrapyard. At around 12:58am, Agents observed an individual loading a bumper and other unidentified item into a vehicle before vacating the premises. At this time, VirtuGuard™ was unable to gather more information on the individual and the vehicle due to the distance from the camera and the poor lighting in the area. 

However, at 4:04am, Agents observed a vehicle enter the property. VirtuGuard™ immediately contacted the local police department and alerted them to the situation. Agents informed the operator of the location of the individual, directing them inside the gate of the scrapyard. 

At 4:28am, two patrol vehicles were observed arriving onsite. Both officers exited their vehicles and entered the gated area.  

At 4:45am, the police informed VirtuGuard™ that the individual trespassing at the scrapyard was arrested. Agents continued to monitor the area and observed an ambulance and a fire truck arriving onsite. It did not appear as if the arrested individual was injured and there was no evidence of a fire or other emergency. 

At 5:19am, a tow truck arrived on the property and loaded the individual’s vehicle before leaving the property. 

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