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Loitering Caught at Car Dealership with Remote Video Monitoring

Loitering Caught at Car Dealership with Remote Video Monitoring

While conducting a proactive virtual patrol of a luxury car dealership at 3:17am, VirtuGuard™ Agents observed an individual walking onto the property of a luxury car dealership from another dealership next door. Upon seeing the individual cross onto the property, Agents conducted a Voice Down to instruct the individual to vacate the premises. After hearing the Voice Down, the individual promptly exited the property. 

Only a few minutes later at 3:21am, VirtuGuard™ observed the same individual walking back onto the property from the street. Agents immediately alerted local law enforcement to the ongoing trespass. The 911 operator informed the Agents on duty that the next-door dealership had also called the police department and an officer was on the way. 

While still on the line with the operator, Agents observed the individual crawl over the fence and onto another car dealership’s property and relayed this information to police. 

A few minutes later, VirtuGuard™ observed a patrol vehicle enter the property and conduct a brief search before driving onto the property of another dealership. 

VirtuGuard™ did a thorough review of the video footage and determined that the individual did not attempt to enter any vehicle. Agents compiled a report of a summary of the incident, photos of the intruder, and a map tracking the individual’s path throughout the property. This report was provided to the ownership group and Agents continued to closely monitor the property. 

Stop loitering and trespassing when you implement VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring at your commercial business. Read about more events and complete the contact form below to speak with a security expert. 


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