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Parking Lot Party Busted by VirtuGuard™ 

Parking Lot Party Busted by VirtuGuard™

On a Sunday morning at approximately 1:30am, VirtuGuard™ observed many vehicles gathered in an empty strip mall parking lot. Through a Mobile Surveillance Trailer parked in the lot, Agents can remotely monitor the area for trespassing, loitering, and other suspicious activity during and outside business hours. 

While conducting a proactive virtual patrol, Agents observed the abnormal activity and began conducting Voice Downs through a speaker on the Mobile Surveillance Trailer. Agents informed the trespassing individuals that all activities were being monitored and that loitering is not permitted on the property. 

Agents continued to monitor the property and noted at 2:05am that more vehicles had gathered in the parking lot. Agents estimated that about 100 vehicles were present on the property and proceeded to contact the local police after Voice Downs were ignored. 

VirtuGuard™ called the local police department and alerted them to the ongoing situation. At 2:23am, an Officer arrived on the scene and requested to tow a vehicle in hopes of getting the crowd to disperse. The Officer noted that the crowd was there to party in the parking lot and VirtuGuard™ told the Officer to do what was necessary to disperse the crowd. 

At 2:25am, VirtuGuard™ observed five police vehicles with their emergency lights activated enter the parking lot. Vehicles were seen fleeing the area as police arrived, the parking lot was mostly cleared by 2:45am. 

Stop Parking Lot Loitering with Remote Video Monitoring 

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring can detect and respond to loitering on your commercial property. Through advanced security technology and highly trained security professionals, you can protect your people, assets, and property 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of traditional security services.  

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