How Security Guards Can Protect Your Atlanta Warehouse or Distribution Center

Cost-Saving Security Tactics That Improve Security

Atlanta, GA: Warehouse security serves several critical roles in the effective operations and protection of your facility.  Security guards are more than just a visible deterrent to criminals.  Properties protected by security guards are far less likely to be the victim of common crimes such as theft, vandalism, workplace violence, or trespassers.  Benefits of a… Read More »

Top 5 Safety Tips For Distribution Centers

Distribution Center Safety

With so many potential hazards, distribution center safety should always be a top priority. One way to help maintain a safer environment is by using on-site guards to help monitor and perform safety checks. They’re already patrolling, so it’s easy for them to do this extra task. When you combine security guards with your usual… Read More »

How To Secure Your Distribution Center

Secure Your Distribution Center

Distribution centers are often targets for thefts due to the large amounts of merchandise inside. Most criminals believe it’s an easy score and even employees may be tempted to steal an item or two. However, if you secure your distribution center properly, you’ll drastically minimize any losses. Security has to be a top priority at… Read More »

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