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Parking Lot Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Atlanta, GA – We’ve all been there, you are out at night and find yourself having to navigate to your vehicle through a dark parking lot. Then suddenly you get a sinking feeling.  Is someone following you or perhaps you can’t see any signs of danger, but you just have a gut feeling.  Do you know the signs that indicate danger, what look for and how to protect yourself?

The best thing you can do to protect yourself in a parking lot, whether it be during the day or the night, is to learn the dangers that could be lurking.  Remember, if you don’t know what to look for you can’t protect yourself.

Parking Lot Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Stay Alert

Watch for driver’s who aren’t paying attention or that may be speeding and going too fast to stop.  Additionally, you should visually scan the parking lot before you proceed to your car to see if there’s anything you find suspicious.

Think About Where You Are Parking

Find a parking spot in a populated part of the parking lot versus one in a dark or remote location.  And at night, try to park in a well-lit area.  Always be cautious when parking next to a van.  A van door can be quickly opened and a person can be grabbed without being seen.

What About All Those Packages

You should automatically assume you are being watched.  Thieves watch for patrons who put their goods in their trunk, then walk back into the store to do more shopping.  If you have to make several trips in and out of the store to shop, consider re-parking your vehicle in a different location then re-enter the store.


On The Way To Your Vehicle

Continually look at your surroundings as you walk to your vehicle and have your keys in your hand before you leave the building.  If you are approached, you need to yell and scream loudly to try to get someone’s attention.  Then get back into the building as quickly as possible.  If you need to get to your vehicle, but the parking lot seems empty, it’s best to wait until someone else is coming out of the building so you don’t have to walk into the parking lot alone.

As you are approaching your vehicle, you need to observe what’s going on around you.  Look underneath your vehicle and the vehicles on each side of you.  Then you should check your back seat before you get in.  Do you see anyone standing near your vehicle?  If anything at all does not seem right, keep walking and make your way back into the building.  And never ignore your gut feelings.

The Bottom Line

The more aware you are of your surroundings, the less likely you will become the victim of an attack.  That means not dallying, get to your vehicle as quickly as you can, have your keys in hand and don’t talk on your cell phone or continue texting until you have safely left the area.  Once you are in your car, lock the doors immediately and drive off.  Never sit in your car and do other things.



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