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Security Technology: Remotely Operated Counterterrorism Systems

Some trends in security can aid the military, law enforcement and security professionals in responding to threats while keeping their own personnel relatively safe. In a previous post we examined the manner in which drone technology could be deployed in security applications; both surveillance and weaponized. Here we will discuss remotely operated weapon systems and how they can be used to fight terrorism and other security threats.


Terrorism is a rising threat.

As terrorism threats increase, the need for response and interdiction systems increase. There are some industries and locations that are more likely to be the target of terrorist attacks than others such as utilities, energy and chemical plants. Often critical infrastructure, such as water supply transportation and food supply, is housed on private property. But almost any business can be vulnerable for a variety of reasons, some that cannot be anticipated.


The question is, how can security forces respond safely?

The answer may be remote operated weapons or ROWS. This technology enables you to protect your property and assets without direct engagement with any people or groups attempting to infiltrate your property. It can minimize or at least lower the risk to responders.


Lethal and non-lethal options can be used.

Remote operated weapons systems typically fall into two categories, lethal and non-lethal. Lethal systems will typically be used in military or law enforcement applications for deadly threats including terrorism. Commercial organizations are more likely to engage with non-lethal ROWS, which are most commonly taser based.

Both lethal and non-lethal ROWS can be either proactive or reactive. Proactive systems are set up in areas where unwanted egress can be anticipated. These systems have sensors that will activate automatically with either machine guns or taser systems. Reactive systems are manned remotely from a safe location such as a bunker or armored vehicle.

While your organization may never have the need to deploy technology that operates at this level, it’s still good practice to be aware of the latest developments in security technology.


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