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Personal Data Security: How Data Security Concerns Impact Your Workforce

For years individuals have provided personal information freely without giving a second thought to how that data would be used. But repeated security breaches in organizations such as Yahoo, Marriott and Target have made people more cautious about what information they are willing to provide and to whom. Now government organizations are getting involved, codifying data with security legislation like Europe’s GDPR.


Concern about data security is trickling down.

A recent study by nCipher indicted that as many as 20 percent of Americans no longer trust that their personal data will be protected by the businesses that request it. They are more circumspect about what information they are willing to provide and to whom. They want assurances their data will not be compromised or abused.


What does that mean for your company?

At the same time individuals are experiencing a crisis of confidence that organizations, businesses and institutions will protect them, employers are looking to collect even more data in an effort to protect their assets and employees. The processes for vetting new hires is increasingly long and complex, slowing down the hiring process and expecting job candidates to give up even more of their privacy.


Data security is a balancing act.

A practice of educating employees and candidates while being more thoughtful about what data you collect and how you store it can help get buy-in from individuals while protecting your business and ensuring compliance.

Collect only the data you need. If you have a policy of running credit checks on all new hires, consider gathering financial data only from those who will be handling currency, accounting or otherwise have a fiduciary responsibly.

For the data you must collect, explain why it is required, the manner in which it will be used and how it will be safeguarded.

At the same time, don’t sacrifice security for reassurance. Some of the greatest threats to safety come from inside the organization. From a disgruntled employee whose violent past would have been caught with a more thorough background check to individuals who put data at risk through sloppy handling of data.


Get your workforce engaged

Show employees how they can do their part. Spell out a password policy that covers even what may seem obvious, from how to choose a strong password to not writing it on a post-it left under their keyboards. Discuss what proprietary materials can or cannot be taken off premises and whether they can bring their own devices to the office. When they see how seriously you take data handling, they are more likely to be comfortable trusting you with theirs.


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