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Enhance Your Building’s Access Control With Video Surveillance

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Many people regard control as a guard with a friendly face sitting at the front desk checking IDs and signing in guests. While this can certainly be part of your access control solution, in most cases, it’s not adequate on its own. For many companies, adding video surveillance is the solution.

There are three types of access control to consider, which you can learn more about in our previous post about different access control types.

There are three main varieties of electronic access control options:

  • Discretionary – The owner decides who has access to which areas of the premises. 
  • Mandatory – Access is provided based upon titles/labels versus on an individual basis.
  • Role-based – Entry is permitted based solely on employee job titles.

Video can be instrumental in all of these, able to tell who is attempting to gain entry to the building from anywhere 24/7/365.

Video surveillance is there for you when your office is closed.

If your business is vacant because of the pandemic, inclement weather, or business hours, video can monitor all doors and other egresses to the building.


Video can be in more than one place at once.

Unlike a security guard stationed in one spot or going on patrols, video surveillance is limited only by the number and location of cameras you place. Remotely monitored cameras can be added at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional guards. 


Video can augment live security guards.

Unlike a front desk guard, who can be subject to social engineering, distraction, or split attention, video can detect if an employee holds the door for someone who doesn’t have a key card. It can’t be overpowered by a violent assailant and it provides a record of who has entered.


Video can help keep data secure.

Remote security can protect your network if servers are located on-site or detect when people are where they don’t belong attempting to access confidential information. 


Build access control into your security plan.

Video surveillance provides a comprehensive and advanced security strategy designed to keep better control over who is able to enter your building. The good news is it’s easier than you might think to implement these controls into your current plan.


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