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BOS Security Celebrates International Women’s Day

BOS Security Celebrates International Women's Day

March 8th is International Woman’s Day. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate the women of BOS Security. In this article, we’ll talk about Lesley Tyler, Jocilyn Mims, and Debra Russo, just three of the many women who keep people and property safe as BOS Security officers.


Officer Lesley Turner

Lesley Turner began her BOS Security career providing security at Langley-Eustis Airforce Base, located near Newport News and Hampton in Virginia. It’s one of the busiest and most critical military installations in the United States. The base often hosts dignitaries and high-ranking military personnel making vigilance and discretion essential for security guards. Officer Turner now manages a team of twelve to fifteen guards. She is valued for her commitment to mentoring young officers as well as her security skills.


Officer Jocilyn Mims

Jocilyn Mims takes her duties as a security officer very seriously. She is invested in keeping people safe. A member of the ROTC in her youth, she has a long history of self-discipline and focus. Before joining BOS Security, Officer Mims provided security to a local sorority. They respected her work to the extent that they requested that we assign her to their security detail as a BOS Security Officer.


Officer Debra Russo

Debra Russo appreciates the dignity and respects her security position has earned her. She is committed to promoting the community’s standards and helping the people she serves flourish productively and without fear of harm. During a recent on-site incident Officer Russo and fellow officer, Stephanie Prather observed a young woman leaving a University of Georgia sorority property in the early morning hours. Watching to ensure she made her way to her destination safely, they noticed a man in the area behaving in a suspicious manner. They notified the authorities who came and questioned the man. Officers Russo and Prather kept the student safe and prevented the matter from escalating.


Women Are Exceptional Security Officers

The skills that make someone an ideal security officer include attention to detail, diplomacy, and vigilance, all of which know no gender. There are situations where women are preferred, for example, for comfort or cultural reasons. While criminals may underestimate them, BOS Security never will, and we celebrate them this International Women’s Day!


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