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What I Do Matters: Pamela Shields

What I Do Matters: Pamela Shields


BOS Security Officer Pamela Shields has been a commercial guard in Athens, Georgia for six months. With over fifteen years of experience as a corrections officer, Officer Shields is happy in her career change while continuing to serve the Athens area. 

Officer Shields works during the daytime at a high-traffic outdoor shopping center. She is tasked with conducting foot patrols and vehicle patrols of the property to enforce parking regulations, assist businesses with loss prevention, and provide a helpful presence to both shoppers and tenants. 

Pamela enjoys being able to meet new people each day and the freedom of movement and being outside. A vast difference from her experience as a corrections officer, being a Security Officer has been a refreshing change.  

For people who may be interested in changing careers or becoming a Security Guard, Officer Shields offers the following advice: “They need to be open-minded and patient. You can’t be impatient with people.” Additionally, she advises other Security Officers to “Abide by the rules you’re expecting everyone else to abide by.” 

What I Do Matters Because… 

“I help people every day. I’m there when someone just needs to know where somewhere is or they need help, or they’re locked out of their car, or a store has a shoplifter. 

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job Is… 

“The most rewarding part of my job is the support I get from management. It really is. And the people who walk up to me and say, ‘thank you for the job that you do.’” 

What Are You Most Proud of at Work? 

“I have made improvements in the shopping center. People have a better shopping experience when there’s rules and regulations to abide by. And it’s safer. I try to keep the shopping center safe. 


BOS Security Officer Pamela Shields starts each day with a smile on her face. Through her work, she creates a safer environment at the shopping center for everyone. She is able to create a more enjoyable shopping experience for customers and gives tenants and employees peace of mind knowing they have someone to address security issues right away. 

Officer Shields believes one of the most important, and most fulfilling, parts of her job is being able to provide a helping hand. Whether there is a shoplifting event, a dispute, or just someone in need of directions, Pamela is happy to provide a high level of security services. 

While she is new to the security industry, Security Officer Pamela Shields has made a positive change in the shopping center, making the experiences of tenants, employees, and customers more enjoyable.  

BOS Security is proud to acknowledge Security Officers like Pamela Shields who serve our communities with the highest level of attention and care.  




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