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5 Funny Bungled Robbery Stories

5 Funny Bungled Robbery Stories

These days you can find thousands of hours of funny and entertaining stories, be it on YouTube or on funny websites, the stories from all over the world are endless.

Here are five good stories about bungled robberies I’ve found online that I’d love to share with you. Not all robberies end in spectacular (and hilarious) failure, so be prepared to take your security needs seriously.

How To Lose Your Way – And Your Freedom

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, a rather silly thief was busted attempting to steal an in-car GPS system from a car that was equipped with an internal camera. If that fact alone is not enough, it turns out that the would-be car thief had his name and date of birth tattooed on his neck, which was clearly visible to the cameras in the car. The hapless thief was arrested and jailed for seven months, longer than usual for this offense because the other ten offenses he owned up to had to be taken into consideration.

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“Grand” Theft And Later Regrets

It was 2007 in Gallup, NM, where our next story comes from. Suzie Fronterotta suffered a home break-in and robbery where jewelry of sentimental value was stolen from her and around $1,000 in cash. It was to her shock that around three years later she received a letter in the mail from the thief apologizing for the crime (which clearly had brought some bad luck!). The letter said, “please forgive me, I am so sorry I steal from you” and “so many bad things happen because I steal from you, I so sorry.” The jewels were returned with an apology which is a rare case indeed. Suzie said to the police if they ever find the thief, not to charge him. [source]

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Robbery Makes A Poor First Date

How about a date? In 2009, Columbus, OH resident Dianna Martinez was robbed in her home.  You can only imagine the terror when one of the robbers returned some two hours later to ask her out on a date! How flattering! The police arrested Stephfon Bennet (22) on the doorstep. Dianna said: “It’s never happened, in my eight years and some months I’ve never had anything happen like this before.” I’m sure nobody else has either! Police Sgt Sean Liard said, “She recognized him right away when he returned and was able to have her cousin call 911.” Dianna was lucky the robber was so love-struck, the last thing you want is to have a robber return to the scene of the crime. [source]

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Drop-In Thief Leaves Empty-Handed

Back to Brisbane, Australia, where a man attempted burglary in an electronics store. At about one a.m., the man attempted a Mission Impossible-style entrythrough the roof of the store. Things didn’t quite go to plan as the thief tried to lower himself down onto a desk but managed to trip onto the desk instead, catching his foot in the rope, and causing him to lose his balance and a shoe. The man quickly investigated the surrounding area, but after attempting to steal some secured laptops, he made his escape through the roof empty-handed.  [source]

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Bank Robber Wants To Speak To The Manager???

Springettsbury Township, PA. 2008. A would-be bank robber threatened to file an official complaint regarding a newly opened Susquehanna Bank branch office merely a week after it opened. What sets this one apart from most complaints is it was not about service, fees, or charges, the robber 48-year-old Joseph Goetz fled the scene after learning that the bank branch had no cash to give him, so he vowed to make an official complaint with the bank manager about the lack of cash on-site. However, a bank customer who had been using the bank’s drive-thru service at the time overheard the event and followed Mr. Goetz home. The unidentified hero phoned the police, who caught up with the would-be bank robber and arrested him on suspicion of attempted robbery.  [source]

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There are hundreds of bungled robbery stories out there for you to find and have a laugh at. Don’t forget to head to the benefits part of the site and see how we can help you. While funny it is better to be secure so you won’t end up as a headline in a robbery report on your local news.

These stories are fun to read, but it’s not so funny when it’s your home or business. Let the misfortune of others be your inspiration to perform an audit of your own security or let BOS Security take care of it for you! We’ll come out to your location, evaluate the security measures you’re currently taking and make recommendations for how you can improve.

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