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VirtuGuard™ Catches Trespassers in Private Park After Hours

VirtuGuard™ Catches Trespassers in Private Park After Hours

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring can be applied to a wide variety of industries, properties, and security needs. Whether your business is concerned with theft, vandalism, monitoring employee behavior, or more, VirtuGuard™ can monitor and protect your business. 

Trespassing can be very concerning for business owners. When unauthorized individuals enter your premises, the risk of break-ins, theft, vandalism, liabilities, and other illegal or unwanted activity increases. 

Below is a recent trespassing event caught and resolved at a residential property by VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring with the assistance of onsite staff and local police. 

Stop Trespassing on Private Property with Remote Video Monitoring 

BOS Security provides remote video monitoring for a cooperative apartment house in a neighborhood of Manhattan. One of the most significant features of the property is its garden, which is now a small section of a public park. The garden is open to the public during the daytime but is locked after dark.  

To monitor the garden area for trespassing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applied to the exterior cameras. During the window in which the garden is locked, if motion is detected an alert will be sent to the VirtuGuard™ Command Center. Monitoring Agents then review the recorded and live video footage to verify whether the AI alarm is false or genuine. 

In addition to AI alarms being sent into the Command Center, VirtuGuard™ Agents conduct regular virtual patrols of the area to ensure that there is no one in the park after hours.  

Early one morning before the park opened, the VirtuGuard™ Command Center received an AI-triggered alarm from the park. Agents observed an individual walking down the entrance ramp into the park. As specified by the client, Agents immediately called the front desk of the building and alerted them of the situation. The employee began reviewing the camera view and confirmed that they also saw the individual in the park. 

VirtuGuard™ then confirmed with the employee that law enforcement should be called before contacting the local police to request that the individual be removed from the premises. Command Center Agents continued to monitor the individual as they sat in the park until police arrived about twenty minutes later, a quick response time for the area. 

Agents observed two police officers approach and speak with the individual before escorting them from the property. The police called VirtuGuard™ later to relay that the individual was not arrested.  

The images below are taken from night vision surveillance cameras on the exterior of the property. In the first and third images, you can see the AI detecting movement, indicated by the target on the frame. 

VirtuGuard™ for Residential Security 

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring secures and protects your property, people, and assets 24/7/365. Residential communities are often targets for theft and break-ins. VirtuGuard™ can detect intruders quickly, allowing our Command Center Agents to intervene in security events before they occur or as they’re in progress. 

To learn more about VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring for your business, visit and read our VirtuGuard™ Insights blog. To speak with a BOS Security expert, complete the contact form below. 




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