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Maximizing Security and Convenience: Your Ultimate Guide to Virtual Doorman Services

A virtual doorman is revolutionizing property management, combining the best of technology and convenience. In this guide, we’ll delve into how these remote systems keep buildings secure and residents content, handle deliveries, and offer round-the-clock service—all at a fraction of the cost of traditional doorman services. Discover the mechanisms, benefits, and real-life applications of virtual doormen that make them a smart choice for modern properties.

Key Takeaways

Exploring the World of Virtual Doorman Services

Virtual doorman services are a fascinating blend of technology and innovation that are transforming the face of property management. Imagine a scenario where building access control and surveillance are handled remotely with the help of advanced technologies such as door intercoms, closed-circuit television (CCTV), and an access control system. Imagine a situation where the entry of third-party visitors and deliveries are managed securely and efficiently, even in the absence of tenants or management.

This is not just an idea; it’s a reality that is revolutionizing the traditional approach to building management and security.

The Essence of Virtual Doorman Services

At the heart of virtual doorman services lies the concept of remote property access control. These remote doorman systems, devoid of a physical doorman, rely on advanced technologies like video intercom systems to verify guests remotely. In addition to managing guest access, these services are also responsible for package deliveries, accepting parcels on behalf of residents, and notifying them of the delivery.

The integration of video surveillance technology enables remote monitoring of properties, making these services an integral part of smart property management systems that enhance both security and convenience.

VirtuGuard™: Pioneering the Virtual Doorman Solution

VirtuGuard™ has emerged as a pioneer in the world of virtual doorman solutions. Transforming cameras into proactive security tools, VirtuGuard™ uses advanced technologies like motion and heat sensors to prevent unwanted incidents and reduce false alarms through AI assistance.

The system is monitored by a team of virtual security officers from a central Security Operations Center, who perform scheduled or random virtual property tours, mirroring the benefits of physical patrols without predictable patterns. To enhance active intervention capabilities, VirtuGuard™ recommends the installation of two-way audio speakers, which virtual agents can use to address persons on the property directly, thus enhancing on-site security presence.

The Mechanics Behind Virtual Doorman Technology

Photo of a touchscreen video intercom system

The technology behind virtual doorman services is as fascinating as the services themselves. A typical Virtual Doorman system integrates a touchscreen video intercom, digital CCTV, and access control to manage property access remotely. The system employs remote operators who monitor properties, control access through communication via a video intercom installed at the property’s entrance, and take action when necessary to guarantee building security and convenience. Remote guarding is enhanced by security cameras located throughout the property, along with AI technologies that alert operators to activity in near real-time, allowing for a vigilant monitoring process.

Crucial to the installation of a Virtual Doorman system is:

  • Setting up a connection to a Command Center
  • The team of operators monitoring the property
  • Orchestrating access remotely via the integrated technologies.

Interactive Web Portal and Mobile Integration

An interactive web portal is a key component of virtual doorman services, streamlining communication and operations for both property managers and tenants. Innovative mobile apps such as the Welcome app and the new Virtual Doorman app allow users to unlock doors, schedule deliveries, manage packages, and even view building cameras from the convenience of their smartphones, offering an improved user experience based on customer feedback.

Property managers can remotely manage building services and security camera feeds through the Building Manager Portal, encouraging vigilant building management from anywhere. Residents, on the other hand, can interact with the virtual doorman system by adding guests and scheduling deliveries through the Welcome App or online portal, specifying approved times for access.

Video Intercom System: The Frontline of Visitor Access

The frontline of visitor access in a virtual doorman system is the smart video intercom, equipped with HD cameras, microphones, and speakers that facilitate clear two-way communication and video feeds, vital for screening entrants in real-time.

Upon initiating a video call through the smart video intercom system, visitors can be verified and granted access, with the system’s ability to remotely unlock electric or magnetic door locks. Integration with smart office devices, such as with ButterflyMX, allows residents to exert more control over the system, offering robust security through video verification and convenient remote door unlocking.

Advantages of Switching to a Remote Doorman Service

Switching to a remote doorman service like VirtuGuard™ offers a slew of advantages, including:

  • Significant cost reductions for property managers
  • Ease of use for both residents and property managers
  • Efficient handling of increased deliveries and foot traffic
  • A modern solution to the challenges inherent in traditional property management

Furthermore, the integration of a digital doorman solution can potentially increase a property’s value, making it a worthwhile investment.

Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

One of the most compelling advantages of switching to virtual doorman services is cost-effectiveness. Transitioning from traditional on-site doorman services to virtual ones not only retains essential services but also offers substantial cost savings. Particularly for smaller-sized residential buildings with fewer than 40 units, the cost savings offered by virtual doorman services like VirtuGuard™ can be significant. Providing a continuous 24/7 remote doorman at a fraction of the cost required for a traditional, human doorman, these services enhance operational efficiency and improve a company’s profitability and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the adoption of Virtual Doorman eliminates traditional human resource management needs such as hiring and payroll, translating into additional cost reductions.

Enhanced Security Measures

Virtual doorman services like VirtuGuard™ provide comprehensive security coverage all day and night, employing round-the-clock monitoring to prevent disturbances and deliver consistent access control. Security for entrances is bolstered as virtual doorman systems ensure all visitors are screened using stringent protocols and security logs, keeping property entrances locked while still facilitating authorized access, which is vital in maintaining overall building security.

The operators of virtual doorman services, also known as cyber doorman:

  • Act as remote security professionals
  • Monitor sites through cameras
  • Perform virtual patrols
  • Manage entry more efficiently
  • Provide an immediate and non-physical response such as voice-down announcements or contacting law enforcement during events.

Streamlining Building Entry with VirtuGuard™

With VirtuGuard™, building entry is streamlined and simplified. The system handles contractor verification by verifying the identity of individuals entering the building without a resident key card. It also conducts identity verification of guests upon their arrival to ensure secure access control.

Moreover, VirtuGuard™ operators are responsible for accepting deliveries, guiding couriers to secure package storage areas, and notifying residents of package arrivals. Deliveries are accepted securely with VirtuGuard™ by verifying the identity of the delivery personnel before granting access. Packages are kept in a secure package room until residents can retrieve them, ensuring safe storage.

Simplified Visitor Management

VirtuGuard™ simplifies visitor management through the use of smart video intercoms, allowing residents to directly interact with visitors or couriers remotely before granting access. Verified visitors or delivery personnel are granted remote access and directed to a secure package area, ensuring safe and managed entry to the property.

Residents benefit from increased convenience as they use smartphones and electronic devices to access building entry systems, which streamlines the entrance and exit processes. In events like lockouts, VirtuGuard™ provides assistance by verifying residents’ identities and allowing them access, replicating the support a traditional doorman would offer.

Secure Package Handling

When it comes to package handling, VirtuGuard™ ensures security and convenience. The system is capable of accepting packages for residents, facilitated by remote doorman operators who are informed and authorized to manage deliveries. Once accepted, packages are kept in a secure environment, ensuring they remain safe and undisturbed until residents are able to pick them up.

Real-Life Applications of Virtual Doorman Systems

The real-life applications of virtual doorman systems are as diverse as they are impressive. For instance, they include the provision of virtual property tours, leveraging on-site video surveillance to deter criminal activity by creating unpredictability.

Whether it’s a residential setting or a commercial space, these services provide enhanced security, convenience, and reliability.

Residential Convenience

In residential settings, virtual doorman systems can significantly enhance the living experience for residents. From managing guest access and package deliveries to providing 24/7 surveillance, these systems contribute to an improved living experience. This convenience can lead to higher property retention rates, as satisfied residents are more likely to renew their leases.

Commercial Reliability

In commercial properties, virtual doorman systems offer significant advantages. They effectively manage visitors through smart intercoms and locks, integrating with building management systems for greater control. Services like VirtuGuard™ employ cloud-connected cameras and analytics along with video intercoms that store entry photos for enhanced security without requiring constant human oversight.

They also facilitate the handling of a high volume of package deliveries, enhancing access control, and can contribute to an increase in the property’s commercial value.

Comparing Virtual Doorman Solutions

When it comes to virtual doorman solutions, VirtuGuard™ stands out as a leading choice. Here’s why:

  • Concierge services that match the standards of luxury hotels
  • Reputation as the fastest-growing remote doorman service in America
  • Offers a flexible and efficient solution compared to traditional doorman services and alternative providers.

VirtuGuard™ vs. Traditional Doorman Services

VirtuGuard™, a virtual concierge, can be employed independently of or alongside existing traditional doorman services, offering flexibility in how properties approach their security and concierge needs.

While some tenants may favor the efficiency and technology of VirtuGuard™, others prefer the personal touch and interpersonal service provided by a traditional on-site doorman.

Examining Alternative Providers

While VirtuGuard™ is a leading solution, other virtual doorman service providers such as:

  • Swiftlane
  • Carson Living
  • Virtual Way
  • Virtual Doorman

cater to various needs within the residential building management sector. Each provider offers unique features and services, indicating a significant trend towards the adoption of virtual doorman services in the residential market.

Implementing Your Virtual Doorman System

Implementing a virtual doorman system involves various steps, including hardware setup, staff training, and integration with property infrastructure. These systems are designed to be user-friendly and can be easily integrated into existing property management structures.

Step-by-Step Installation

The installation of VirtuGuard™ virtual doorman system commences with the setup of critical hardware components, including the video intercom and CCTV cameras. While initial expenses such as hardware and installation costs can be substantial, they represent a one-time investment into the property’s security infrastructure.

To maximize the utility of the VirtuGuard™ virtual doorman system, it is crucial for the property staff to be well-versed and trained in utilizing the system’s features and access control measures via the web portal or mobile application.

Customizing Your Virtual Doorman Experience

Customizing the VirtuGuard™ experience involves regular software updates and ongoing hardware improvements for enhanced visitor access control. VirtuGuard™ delivers remote software updates, allowing for continuous enhancements and feature expansions without interrupting the physical setup.

Navigating Challenges and Maintenance

While virtual doorman systems offer numerous advantages, they may also present challenges. However, they are designed with fail-safes and backup measures to ensure security is maintained even if the system experiences unexpected issues overnight.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Troubleshooting common issues is an integral part of maintaining a virtual doorman system. Remote operators monitor and control access to properties via virtual doorman systems, contributing to the security and convenience for residents. Typical problems with the virtual doorman system can include access errors or technical glitches, which remote operators are prepared to resolve.

Effective troubleshooting involves residents promptly reporting any issues to remote operators who are responsible for virtual doorman system maintenance.

Regular Maintenance and Updates

Regular maintenance and updates are crucial for maintaining your VirtuGuard™ system’s performance and security. VirtuGuard™ delivers remote software updates, allowing for continuous enhancements and feature expansions without interrupting the physical setup.


In summary, virtual doorman services like VirtuGuard™ offer a modern, cost-effective, and convenient solution to property management. By leveraging advanced technology, these services enhance building security, provide 24/7 surveillance, and streamline building entry. While there may be challenges and maintenance requirements, these services are designed with fail-safes and backup measures to ensure continuous operation. So whether you’re a property manager looking to improve your building’s security or a resident seeking a convenient living experience, virtual doorman services are worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a virtual doorman do?

A virtual doorman monitors security cameras, facilitates building access, and alerts property managers of any suspicious activities, enhancing overall property security.

How much does a virtual doorman cost?

The cost of a virtual doorman can vary depending on the package, between $500 and $2500 per month depending on the amount of activity and operating hours. It’s essential to request a quote and consider installation costs.

What is the difference between a doorman and a concierge in NYC?

The difference between a doorman and a concierge is that a doorman provides security and courtesy services for residents and guests, while a concierge advises guests on the local area and helps them book tickets and restaurants. Both play unique roles in ensuring a welcoming environment for residents and visitors.

What is a virtual doorman service?

A virtual doorman service is a modern solution for property management, allowing remote handling of building access control and surveillance.


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