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Voice Down Commands Deter Dumpster Diving at Local Business

Voice Down Commands Deter Dumpster Diving at Local Business

At approximately 3:39am at a juice business, VirtuGuard™ detected an individual riding a bike to the edge of the property. The person set down their bike before walking on foot towards the private dumpsters. 

To deter the attempted dumpster diving, VirtuGuard™ Agents conducted a voice down, informing the individual that the area was being monitored and recorded and that any illegal activities would be reported to local authorities. 

Upon hearing the voice down, the individual was observed running back to their bike and vacating the premises. Agents continued to monitor the area and did not see the individual return. 

VirtuGuard™ and Voice Down Commands

Two-way audio speakers are an effective way to address and resolve issues that arise on a client’s property. Through Voice Downs, Command Center Agents can engage directly with customers, staff, and even trespassers at any time of day or night. 

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