6 Benefits Of Internal Intercom Systems

6 Benefits Of Internal Intercom Systems

Internal intercom systems are designed to make it easier for your business to communicate instantly with employees. While phone systems have their place, intercoms offer an alternate communication style, one that’s more immediate, with fewer complications and more options. You can even invest in a smart intercom system that will work with smartphones and other… Read More »

Hospital Security – Patient Safety Tips

Hospital Security

Hospital security involves keeping patients and personnel safe. While security guards don’t actually treat patients, they often interact with them. It’s important to use guards that are trained to work in the healthcare industry. This unique environment requires exceptional people skills and empathy towards patients. While they do patrol inside and outside the hospital, there… Read More »

6 Tips To Selecting The Best Commercial Security Service

Commercial Security Service

Protecting your business and property is important, but it’s not always easy to find the right commercial security service. With literally thousands of possibilities, which one should you choose? By following a basic checklist, it’s easy to narrow down the pros from the amateurs to get the right protection for your business and buildings. Simply… Read More »

Keeping Your Children Safe At Big Events – Security Tips

Keeping your kids safe at big public events is a big worry for parents. With a bustling crowd and commotion you always try your best to keep a close eye on your little ones. There is however a few things you can do for your kids to keep them as safe as possible. The following… Read More »

7 Ways To Make Your Business More Secure Against Theft

Most people know the sting if losing something, be it from careless placement of your car keys, all the way to having your phone or wallet stolen. When it comes to your business, warding against theft and break-ins is even more important. There’s too much at stake to leave your business, assets and your staff… Read More »

Roles And Responsibilities Of Security Officers

Roles And Responsibilities Of Security Officers

Today’s security officer is required to remain up to date in the protocol and technology of many related fields. They also need appropriate skills in communicating clearly and dealing with people with compassion. Security officers are often put into high-stress situations and must remain calm and collected during a security incident. Behind the uniform of… Read More »

How To Improve On-Site Security Procedures

When it comes to on-site security there’s all kinds of things that you can do as a site administrator to minimize the risks to your business. Liability is a major consideration when making business decisions and keeping your liability to a minimum is critical. One major aspect of this liability reduction is how you secure… Read More »

5 Of Our Best Resources On Onsite Guard Services

It’s time to do a bit of a summary on some great resources about BOS Security Guard services. Read on to see what our picks are for the best five pieces of advice and information. Look Into Remote Guarding Services The rise and advancement in remote guarding technologies has enabled guard services like BOS Security… Read More »

8 Point Checklist For Improving Neighborhood Security

Everyone likes to feel safe and secure at home and in their neighborhood, protecting your family and your property isn’t easy and there’s plenty of tips and tricks you can use to protect yourself and your family from neighborhood nuisances like break-ins, burglary and other crimes. Here’s 8 tips you can use to help reduce… Read More »

The Benefits of a Residential Security Patrol

The benefits of a residential security patrol from a professional security company like BOS Security are myriad. With crimes like auto theft, car break-ins, and burglary/robbery rising in many cities and neighborhoods, it behooves homeowners and homeowner associations to employ neighborhood security to secure their homes, and peace-of-mind. Some sources indicate that as many as two… Read More »

Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Gives Tailgating Safety Tips for your Stadium

In autumn, tailgating is one of the most popular past times. Tailgating these days is not just limited to professional or college stadiums, as people also tailgate at high schools, junior colleges and community sports fields. As a stadium manager, there are a few things you must do before tailgating season starts to ensure the… Read More »

Tips for Integrating a Security Officer into Your Business

When you decide it is time to bring in a security officer to provide additional security for your business, you cannot just expect to have them come in, do their job, and be content for months or years. Outsourcing security needs can be quite beneficial, but it also becomes easier to look at a security… Read More »

How On Site Security Guards Can Be An Asset To Your Company

Most people are aware of the old idiom, “Never judge a book by its cover.” And though most people are aware of it, it doesn’t mean they always follow the advice. This rings especially true with retail consumers. If a customer walks into a strip mall and sees garbage lying on the floor around the garbage… Read More »

Parking Lot Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Atlanta, GA – We’ve all been there, you are out at night and find yourself having to navigate to your vehicle through a dark parking lot. Then suddenly you get a sinking feeling.  Is someone following you or perhaps you can’t see any signs of danger, but you just have a gut feeling.  Do you… Read More »

Access Control Tips For Atlanta Businesses

Atlanta Georgia – Business owners and facilities managers are constantly balancing two factors with their building:  life safety, and access control. Life Safety requirements ensure your building provides a quick, functional, and clearly-marked means of egress to ensure everyone can evacuate during an emergency.  Life safety factors are documented clearly and inspected regularly by local… Read More »

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