The Top Atlanta, GA Crime Statistics Businesses Should Know

Atlanta GA Crime Statistics

Atlanta, GA isn’t the worst city for crime, but businesses should be aware of the types of crimes commonly committed and which areas are most dangerous. Knowing your risks as a business in Atlanta helps you to create better security strategies. For instance, if your business is in a high-risk neighborhood, you might want to… Read More »

Tips to Avoid Being a Victim of Crime in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA – The Atlanta metro area suffers a high incidence of auto break ins and theft.  Security guards can only provide a degree of protection and deterrence, but each citizen must help in reducing these thefts. Most entering auto thefts are crimes of opportunity through unlocked doors and open windows.  Keep these safety tips… Read More »

Atlanta Is A Hub For Human Trafficking

Atlanta, GA – According to the FBI, Atlanta is a hub for human trafficking — where sex or labor is forced.  This is an issue across all of metro Atlanta, not just in the city. In a Gwinnett County suburb, a woman was convicted of beating two women and making them work without pay.  One… Read More »

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