What Type of Security Services Does My Business Need?

What Type of Security Services Does My Business Need?

For any business owner, security is a top priority. But how do you know what you need and what you don’t? It’s essential to have measures to protect your employees, customers, and assets. But with so many different security services available, knowing which ones your business needs can be challenging. In this blog post, we’ll… Read More »

Maintaining Public Safety During Annual Events in Atlanta

Maintaining Public Safety During Annual Events in Atlanta

Summer is a busy time for any city. The greater Atlanta area is no exception. Warm weather and more hours of sunlight bring a return of annual community events like festivals and fairs, farmer’s markets, and other outdoor activities – not to mention high-profile events like the Truist Atlanta Open Tennis Finals and PGA Tour… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Indoor Events

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Indoor Events

For many of us, it’s been a while since indoor events have been on our radar. For the most part, that’s because most events came to a screeching halt in March of 2020 — at least those held indoors. But now, two years later, with some precautions in place, event planning is on the rise… Read More »

How Many Security Officers Do I Need To Hire?

How Many Security Officers Do I Need To Hire?

Security officers are an essential part of keeping your property safe. They can prevent vandalism and other damage as well as theft and threats to personal safety. Combined with alarms, locks, fences, and security cameras, they make an effective security solution. The question is, how many security officers do you need to hire for optimal… Read More »

Why Your Event Team Needs To Work Closely With Security

Event Team

Your event team has a full plate when it comes to coordinating everything involved in major and even minor events. One area they shouldn’t overlook is security. Whether you have your own security team already or are bringing in a security team, your event team must work closely with security. To pull off a great… Read More »

Keeping Your Children Safe At Big Events – Security Tips

Keeping your kids safe at big public events is a big worry for parents. With a bustling crowd and commotion you always try your best to keep a close eye on your little ones. There is however a few things you can do for your kids to keep them as safe as possible. The following… Read More »

What Goes On Behind The Scenes Of A Public Event In Atlanta

An important part of any public event is security. Depending on what the event is, the exact security strategy can vary considerably. A very useful tool to utilize before any event is a security assessment. BOS Security is fully prepared and equipped to make a full security assessment before any event. A few things for the… Read More »

Guard Services in Atlanta Aren’t Just for Businesses

Most people encounter guards in business settings, and this can make it easy to forget that guards are useful in many other situations. Organizers of large public events, church operators, and neighborhoods all can use security guards to help keep things orderly and prevent crime. Here are a few of the situations in which you… Read More »

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