Perimeter Security Cameras Can Help More Than Just Your Business

Perimeter Security Cameras Can Help More Than Just Your Business

A remote security camera system can be a valuable part of your security plan. Thoughtful placement can also make you a valuable part of the community. In the right place, video cameras might be useful in helping prevent or solve crime that’s not even associated with your business. Consider a robbery that occurs outside your… Read More »

Remote Guarding – The Impact Of Virtual Perimeters On Known Vulnerabilities

Remote Guarding Virtual

Security guards patrol and create a physical perimeter around your property. However, remote guarding also helps create an effective security perimeter. Thanks to virtual perimeters, you’re able to better protect against known vulnerabilities. As with physical security, it’s easy to customize the perimeter to best suit the vulnerabilities of each particular business and organization. Consistently… Read More »

Shore Up Your Perimeter To Keep Them Out

Shore Up Your Perimeter

The first line of defense for any building is the perimeter, but far too often, it’s left unprotected. When you shore up your perimeter, you keep most threats out. This greatly reduces the risk of any security incidents inside your business. Physical barriers and security guards make the perfect combination to protect the perimeter and… Read More »

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