How to Reduce Blind Spots in Your Security Plan

How to Reduce Blind Spots in Your Security Plan

In previous posts, we have discussed how to eliminate gaps in your security plan. In many cases, this refers to vulnerabilities you may not have considered, such as the importance of training employees, so they are not fooled by social engineering or leave company data vulnerable through the use of unsecured personal devices. But careless… Read More »

Access Control for Class A Buildings

Access Control for Class A Buildings

Are You Attending This Year’s BOMA Show? BOS Security will be in attendance on September 22nd! Visit our booth and meet our team. You’ll learn how our security officers become an extension of your property management team, and how you’ll always have a personalized experience throughout our partnership. For an immediate assessment of your building’s… Read More »

Should Your Business Operate on “Security Clearance” Levels?

Should Your Business Operate on "Security Clearance" Levels?

One of the best ways to ensure your business’s security is by restricting access to your premises and data according to those you “clear” for access. The government does a particularly good job of segmenting who has access to specific areas and information on a security clearance or need-to-know basis. While your business may not… Read More »

Enhance Your Building’s Access Control With Video Surveillance

BOS Security Officers: An Extension of Your Property Management Team

Many people regard control as a guard with a friendly face sitting at the front desk checking IDs and signing in guests. While this can certainly be part of your access control solution, in most cases, it’s not adequate on its own. For many companies, adding video surveillance is the solution. There are three types… Read More »

What is Enterprise Information Security?

What is Enterprise Information Security?

In a nutshell, enterprise information security is the process used to keep people, data, and technology safe, scaled up to the enterprise level. It requires a comprehensive top-down approach to create a cohesive whole from the disparate aspects of the organization. For example, some of your technology may be aging and in need of updating.… Read More »

Facial Recognition and Masks… How Does That Work?

Facial Recognition Security Technology

As recently as a few months ago, we thought facial recognition software was the ultimate in cutting edge technology. Individuals used it to access their smartphones; companies used it to control access to property and law enforcement used it to track down offenders. What happens now when most people will have a significant portion of… Read More »

Tips for Ramping Up Your Security Plan in 2020

Government buildings, retail locations, residential communities, and more require some level of security.  While security needs can vary, there are commonalities, among them the need to protect people, property, and data. Here are some tips to consider as you plan for security in 2020 and beyond. Expand your definition of egress Traditionally, egress control focuses… Read More »

5 Essential Access Control Best Practices    

Access control is at the heart of your security platform. Deciding who has access to your building, equipment and systems is complicated. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all industries, companies, or individuals. It’s up to you to determine where your greatest vulnerabilities lie and how to protect them. Here are five access control best… Read More »

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