BOS Security Recognizes Hardworking Security Officers

The BOS Security Athens Office is sad to say goodbye to two of our best employees, Creighton “Fred” Arrington, and Chris Davenport. Officers Arrington and Davenport have been reliable, dedicated, and hardworking team players while serving and protecting the Athens-Clarke County community. BOS Security Vice President Carter Greene had praises to sing about the officers.… Read More »

BOS Security Officers: An Extension of Your Property Management Team

BOS Security Officers: An Extension of Your Property Management Team

When people consider the place of security officers, they might, at first glance, think of a guard checking ID at the front desk or patrolling the property to look for threats. While this is an essential part of their duties, they can also be a critical part of your property management team. Particularly in the… Read More »

Security Officers And A Living Wage — You Get What You Pay For

It’s a cliche that in business you get what you pay for. However cliche that statement is, though, it is based in some truth. This is especially true when it comes to something like professional security. Professional security is a serious job and a serious industry, it’s not a place to be cutting corners and… Read More »

Security Officers Add The Human Element

There’s no clearer indication that we live in the future than the security systems we have available today. From wireless security cameras that can be accessed from a smartphone to doors that can be unlocked with a fingerprint it’s now possible for the average business or home owner to be protected by devices that were… Read More »

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