An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Just Ask Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company

Crime is a major concern for every business owner out there. Whether it’s shoplifting, robbery, vandalism, or any of a slew of other crimes a business needs to be proactive in keeping itself safe. That’s where crime prevention comes into the picture. Sometimes making small, simple changes is all it takes to prevent crime from ever… Read More »

How On Site Security Guards Can Be An Asset To Your Company

Most people are aware of the old idiom, “Never judge a book by its cover.” And though most people are aware of it, it doesn’t mean they always follow the advice. This rings especially true with retail consumers. If a customer walks into a strip mall and sees garbage lying on the floor around the garbage… Read More »

Reasons Why No Machine Can Replace A Security Officer

There are a lot of options for security systems thanks to advances in technology. Tiny wireless cameras that can be viewed from mobile devices are now something every store can afford instead of those with the budget of a Bond villain, and biometric security locks have become quite common. With all of the gadgets it’s… Read More »

Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Discusses Contingency Planning

As with most things in life, business security doesn’t always go as planned. You could have a solid plan in place to deal with natural disasters, internal theft, and vandalism only to get blindsided by a hostage situation in your building. It is simply impossible to foresee every possible threat to the security of your… Read More »

Small Business Owners Should Incorporate Security Guards Too

According to Brandon Welsh, David Farrington, and Sean O’Dell in Effectiveness of Public Area Surveillance for Crime Prevention, just a security guard’s presence is enough to deter crime in some of the worst neighborhoods in the United States. Crime rates will decrease around your business even if the security guard is unarmed. This is extremely important… Read More »

The Benefits An Armed Guard Can Provide

Hiring an armed guard is not a decision to be made lightly. Like any other security measure armed guards have to be carefully examined and the benefits weighed against the drawbacks. There are more benefits than might be obvious at first glance, though. For example armed security provides… 1. A Deterrent The presence of security always… Read More »

Our Security Guard Company Can Help You Set Up an Office Safety Plan

If you own a business or are in charge of security for one, you know the challenges involved with establishing a security protocol. Since managers and employees have different ideas about safety, consider hiring a security guard company to help devise and implement your plan. According to the Federal Protective Service of the United States, criminals… Read More »

Why You Need Professional Guard Services in Atlanta for Your Sporting Event

Your team doesn’t have to be the Atlanta Braves or Falcons to attract a large crowd. There is the potential for problems anytime you have a large group of people together celebrating a team’s victory or agonizing over its defeat. When you add alcohol into the mix, things can get even more out of control.… Read More »

Why You Need a Security Guard Company for Your Hospital or Medical Clinic

When patients visit your medical clinic or hospital, they should only have to think about their own health concern and not security issues. This is a sign of a facility that has hired a good security guard company. While no one likes to think of things that might happen, the reality is that healthcare facilities face… Read More »

Security Officers Add The Human Element

There’s no clearer indication that we live in the future than the security systems we have available today. From wireless security cameras that can be accessed from a smartphone to doors that can be unlocked with a fingerprint it’s now possible for the average business or home owner to be protected by devices that were… Read More »

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