Shopping Center Security – Building A Customizable Partnership

Shopping Center Security

Shopping center security varies greatly based on the type of shopping center, location, number of customers, types of merchandise and more. That’s why your shopping center needs a customizable partnership with a trusted security firm. You get the security you need to keep your businesses and customers safer. For optimal security, you need a true… Read More »

7 Ways A Security Presence Improves Your Customers’ Experience

Improves Customers Experience

Your customers don’t just rely on you to provide them with quality service and products. They also expect you to keep them safe while they shop. Sometimes this is easier said than done when you don’t have on-site security An obvious security presence goes beyond just preventing shoplifting. It also improves your customers’ experience. The… Read More »

Shopping Mall Security – An Essential Service


Shopping malls are a fun place to shop at dozens of stores, interact with friends and get a great meal – all in one place. The appeal isn’t just for shoppers, though. Shoplifters, general troublemakers and even terrorists enjoy malls too. The daily chaos of hundreds or even thousands of people coming and going makes… Read More »

Retail Security Essentials – How You Can Protect Your Stock


While the focus is often on protecting consumer data, retail theft is still a major problem. As retailers deal with stolen stock, they often have to increase prices to cover their losses. Luckily, there are ways to better protect your stock and reduce the threat of shoplifting. You may not be able to prevent the… Read More »

Retail Mall Security – Why Large Shopping Districts Need To Invest

If you look at any place where people gather you’ll see a heightened risk of security problems. In the case of retail malls and shopping districts the risks revolve mostly around theft of merchandise. Most people thankfully go shopping to enjoy themselves and spend time with friends and family, however there are people who frequent… Read More »

Malls In Atlanta To Increase Their Security

Prompted by the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris last year, malls in the Atlanta area have stepped up their security measures. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, eight malls owned by mall giant Simon Property Group have been heightening security. This process started last November, in preparation for the busy holiday season, and presumably continues. Simon Property Group… Read More »

Protect Your Shopping Center with Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Today!

When you have not only multiple stores to monitor as well as the common area between the businesses and the corresponding parking lots, a whole new set of challenges can prevent themselves. You need to make sure you have eyes on every corner of the field to start any crime prevention initiative. According to theBeverly Police Department,… Read More »

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