Protection Through Remote Guarding: Office Buildings

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Office Buildings

Office buildings have a variety of vulnerabilities. Owners and employers need to protect the people who work there or have other reasons to be in the building, high-value equipment such as laptops and intellectual property, and other data. Remote guarding can be an effective and low-cost answer to the need for 24/7 security. In-person officers… Read More »

Should You Hire A Contract Security Guard Company for Your Commercial Real Estate Or DIY?

You are the Property Manager Facility Manager for commercial real estate or a Class A Office Space in Atlanta – should you contract an outside guard services company or form your own internal security department?  The large number of private guard companies indicates that more companies are choosing to go the contract route to protect… Read More »

Preventing Crime That Happens From The Inside Of Your Business

Preventing Internal Crime

While a cute poodle stealing your coffee is cute, employee theft isn’t. It’s not uncommon to focus so much on external threats that you never notice the crime that happens from inside your business. Employee theft and harassment happen far too often to ignore. The good news is professional security guards help to prevent this… Read More »

New Atlanta Office

We are proud to announce the opening of our new office in Duluth, Georgia.  This location puts us in the heart of booming Gwinnett County and the entire Northeast Atlanta metro area. Founded in 1993, BOS Security now has Security Officers in five states serving on the frontlines of homeland security.  This new Gwinnett Office… Read More »

How Added Security Can Improve Your Class A Office Space

Class A Office Space

A Class A office space is known as the elite among office spaces. One way to make it even better is with added security. While many security features are often built-in, such as more secure entry and exit points, there are additional ways to secure your office space. Adding more security cameras, using remote monitoring… Read More »

6 Benefits Of Internal Intercom Systems

6 Benefits Of Internal Intercom Systems

Internal intercom systems are designed to make it easier for your business to communicate instantly with employees. While phone systems have their place, intercoms offer an alternate communication style, one that’s more immediate, with fewer complications and more options. You can even invest in a smart intercom system that will work with smartphones and other… Read More »

What To Consider When Choosing An Office Security System

Office Security System

Picking an office security system isn’t as easy as picking the most expensive or cheapest. What’s most important is the type of security involved. Your first thought might be to simply install a few sensors and cameras, but that may not be enough. In fact, the best security system involves a security company with trained… Read More »

Why Regular Security Assessments Are Important

Regular security assessments are an important part of any business owner’s annual routine. Depending on the type of business and the business’ location, the security professionals at BOS Security recommend every business concerned with security undergo a full security assessment at least once per year. As your business expands, adds more properties or inventory, hires new… Read More »

Why You Should Hire a Security Guard Company as a Commercial Property Owner

As the owner of commercial property that can house several tenants, you want to keep the property well-maintained and do what you can to maximize the lease value. It is crucial to invest in routine maintenance, but you should also consider hiring a security guard company to enjoy security-related benefits. Protect Your Tenants Although a tenant… Read More »

Use Guard Services in Atlanta as One of Several Methods to Keep Your Office Secure

Whether you work in a standalone office or rent a portion of an office building, one of your top concerns at all times should be security for your business, and this is because all it takes is a single intrusion to lead to thousands of dollars of stolen equipment, or even worse, confidential information jeopardized.… Read More »

Creating Effective Security for Corporate Office Buildings

Atlanta, GA – Maintaining security above the first floor of a large, multiple-story office building can be a nightmare for Security Managers or building managers.  Access control measures are the first and best line of defense for security because those floors above become a maze filled with hiding places for criminals to avoid detection by… Read More »

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