BOS Security Recognizes Hardworking Security Officers

The BOS Security Athens Office is sad to say goodbye to two of our best employees, Creighton “Fred” Arrington, and Chris Davenport. Officers Arrington and Davenport have been reliable, dedicated, and hardworking team players while serving and protecting the Athens-Clarke County community. BOS Security Vice President Carter Greene had praises to sing about the officers.… Read More »

Identifying Red Flags When Screening Security Guard Candidates

Hiring is difficult in any situation, but when it comes to choosing a security firm, it’s especially critical to identify any potential red flags. Security guards are placed in a position of trust with exceptional access. Due diligence on the part of the company hiring security officers is particularly essential. A bad hire in most… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Debra Russo and Stephanie Prather

BOS Security Celebrates International Women's Day

A recent on-site incident at a BOS Security client reinforced the value and peace of mind our officers bring to the people we serve. A member of a University of Georgia sorority left their property in the early morning hours. She was observed by officers Debra Russo and Stephanie Prather who were concerned for her… Read More »

For the 4th Time, BOS Security, Inc. Appears on the Inc. 5000

BOS Security Inc. included on the Inc. Magazine 37th Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies – the Inc. 5000  For the 4th Time, BOS Security, Inc. Appears on the Inc. 5000, Ranking No. 2917 With Three-Year Revenue Growth of 140 Percent   NEW YORK, August 15, 2018 – Inc. magazine today revealed that BOS… Read More »

Airport CCTV – Who Watches The Monitors


You probably already have airport CCTV, but who watches the monitors? For some airports, the CCTV is more about having something to look at only when they need it instead of proactively monitoring for threats. You have a powerful tool at your disposal if used properly. All you need is trusted security to watch the… Read More »

7 Ways To Make Your Business More Secure Against Theft

Most people know the sting if losing something, be it from careless placement of your car keys, all the way to having your phone or wallet stolen. When it comes to your business, warding against theft and break-ins is even more important. There’s too much at stake to leave your business, assets and your staff… Read More »

Why Cutting Back On Security Services Is A False Economy

It’s fair to say that for most firms cutting back on the costs of their business is a common thing your administration needs to look at. But what happens when you take a chunk out of the services that cost protect your business? There’s A Negative Impact In The Long Run Many firms who have… Read More »

Clearing Airport Security As Fast As Possible – 5 Handy Tips

Today we’re going to go through a few handy tips for the travelling public. We hope that these tips make life easier for you and your family on your next trip the airport and to illustrate some of the things airport security do to protect you every day. Ensure You Have Any Required Paperwork Ready… Read More »

6 Benefits Security Guards Bring To Your Business

If your business requires some form of security protection for its clients, then you should strongly consider utilizing the services of professionally trained security experts like BOS Security. The benefits most people consider when taking on security is merchandise or people protection but that’s only looking skin deep. In this article, we will cover off… Read More »

Retail Mall Security – Why Large Shopping Districts Need To Invest

If you look at any place where people gather you’ll see a heightened risk of security problems. In the case of retail malls and shopping districts the risks revolve mostly around theft of merchandise. Most people thankfully go shopping to enjoy themselves and spend time with friends and family, however there are people who frequent… Read More »

What Does An Airport Security Officer Do?

Often referred to as a Transportation Security Officer, the airport security officer has quite the challenging role in providing security to the traveling people of the whole country. Responsible for meticulous screening of passengers and their luggage required by law to board an airplane in the US. Often present at multiple checkpoints of the airport… Read More »

Perception Of A Security Guard – The Public View Versus The Reality

Perception Of A Security Guard – The Public View Versus The Reality

When the general public thinks about a security guard, what do they see? Some see Kevin James in Mall Cop or Ben Stiller from A Night at The Museum. The reality, of course, couldn’t be further from what you see in Hollywood. Security is a serious business not just in the US but all over the… Read More »

Thwarting Danger Through Communication – The Critical Edge

Security can of course be a dangerous business at times. We often hear about assaults and violent crime in the media regardless of where you live. It seems as though danger is always right around the corner, and in most cases that’s true. Being as safe as possible while providing a security service is paramount,… Read More »

5 Qualities You Need To Become A Security Guard

Security work isn’t for everybody; you need to have certain qualities to really be effective on the job. While the skillset required and training is essential to being a great security officer, there’s more to it than just training and a security licence. Having the right qualities makes all the difference between a standard security… Read More »

When Only The Best Will Do – Security Officer Training & Management

Have you ever wondered what type individual it takes to become a security officer? You’d be quite surprised at the vastness of the skills these men and women have and in this article we’re going to cover a few of the essentials skills and talents that make a good Security Officer and we have the… Read More »

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