Armed Robbery Stopped by Remote Video Monitoring

Armed Robbery Stopped by Remote Video Monitoring

Outdoor assets and parking lots can be particularly difficult to secure, especially outside of business hours. You can hire 24/7 physical guards, but there are limitations to their view and ability to intervene safely in dangerous situations. After thirty years of experience in providing physical guard services, BOS Security introduced our remote video monitoring solution,… Read More »

Maximizing Security Through Remote Guarding: How Technology Can Reduce Guard Hours

Remote Guarding: Your First Step To a New Security Plan

Security is a top priority for any enterprise or business. With the continuous introduction and evolution of technology, more and more companies are turning to remote guarding as a way to keep their premises safe and secure. In this blog, we’ll explore what remote guarding is and its features and qualities, including:  Benefits  How technology… Read More »

VirtuGuard™ Identifies Vandal in Apartment Community

VirtuGuard™ Identifies Vandal in Apartment Community

In the early morning hours of December 28, 2022, at a student apartment complex in Athens, Georgia, suspicious behavior was captured and deterred by VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring. The security cameras on the property, equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology, were triggered at 3:23 am by a male walking into the mail room. VirtuGuard™ Agent Hunter… Read More »

What Is Video Auditing?

What Is Video Auditing?

Video Auditing for Improved Business Process, Operations & Problem Solving  This blog post will answer all your questions around the value of using Video Auditing as a standard practice for your business. By implementing regular video auditing, you will improve your business’s profitability and processes, as well as protect your employees, customers, and Business Assets,… Read More »

How Much Does Remote Video Monitoring Cost? 

How Much Does Remote Video Monitoring Cost?

You are researching interactive remote video monitoring for your business, and you’ve probably struggled to find straightforward pricing information. For a service like live surveillance monitoring, the pricing varies for each client and each property, as the services will be customized to their specific needs. Essentially, the answer to your question is that it depends… Read More »

A Year in Review: BOS Security’s Most Popular Blogs of 2022

A Year in Review: BOS Security's Most Popular Blogs of 2022

As we looked back on the past year of offering advice on keeping your people and property safe, we noticed five blog posts that stood out as the most popular. The results were not surprising because our clients are very open with us about what’s most important to them. It’s a great reminder of the… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Parking Services

Parking lots can be difficult to fully monitor. Often covering a large area, parking lots have people and vehicles coming and going at all hours, making it nearly impossible for a human guard to monitor sufficiently. With BOS Security’s virtual guarding service, VirtuGuard™, remote security officers will monitor your cameras from our location 24/7/365.   While… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Outdoor Events

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Outdoor Events

Outdoor events can be challenging to control from a security perspective because it can be difficult to maintain the integrity of access to the event site. It may require remote guarding throughout the property and guards stationed at exits and entrances. It varies by location. A stadium event, for example, might be easier to handle… Read More »

Who is Responsible for Managing On-Site Incidents?

Who is Responsible for Managing On-Site Incidents?

Who is responsible for handling on-site incidents is less important than establishing a hierarchy so that someone is responsible. When managing an on-site incident, it is essential to establish a point person who will be responsible for coordinating a response. The best choice will vary depending on your business. It is a decision you must make… Read More »

Security Command Center Hiring Now

Where Are Security Guards Needed?

Remote Guarding Jobs in Georgia  Have you ever wondered what really happens in a command center? It’s likely you are envisioning a dark room mounted with dozens of screens, lights blinking rhythmically and computers beeping occasionally. And that is not far from reality. However, there is much more to working in a command center than… Read More »

How Thermal Imaging Security Cameras Can Change the Fight Against COVID-19

When thermal imaging security cameras were developed, the potential for a global pandemic may not have been a consideration. Still, they do have valid uses in efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus. Most recently, thermal imaging security cameras were used in a Samsung event in San Francisco. The company used a thermal camera to… Read More »

Privacy Concerns Over the New Coronavirus Contact-Tracking System

Security and Personal Privacy

Exciting new technologies are in development that will help companies and individuals cope with the threat of the Coronavirus, but at what cost? Will people be willing to sacrifice privacy for the sake of safety. Can this technology be co-opted for other purposes? Is there any recourse or controls in place? Is the new Apple-Google… Read More »

Does Your Contingency Plan Include Securing Your Facility or Assets?

For most people, a crisis is a time to pull together, to put the day–to–day and petty squabbles aside and pool resources to work toward a common goal. But for others, it’s an unmatched opportunity – a chance to take advantage of unattended properties or those distracted by the Coronavirus or other events. How can you be ready for any security risk that… Read More »

Protecting The Office While Everyone is “Out of Office”

The holiday season is just around the corner. That means a lot of people will be traveling or simply trying to use up the remainder of their time off before the end of the year. That means you are faced with both risk and opportunity around this time of year. The risk is that an… Read More »

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