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A large urban medical center on the West coast was operating on the traditional “open door” policy. With increased threats to hospitals and medical facilities, administrators were challenged with protecting patients and their privacy, monitoring visitors, providing access to staff, securing narcotics, and other issues.

The existing system was installed over the course of several years and was semi-operational. The functioning cameras were integrated into a complex design-build system design that includes 145 interior and exterior cameras and speakers.

VirtuGuard™ interactive remote video monitoring and interactive site patrols were implemented at the medical center. All areas of the medical campus, including surface parking, parking garages, exit and entry points, and interior points of interest are covered by patrols. All patrols are documented and provided to the medical center on a daily basis. Protocols were established by the client for dealing with events or situations of all types (i.e. contact security, call the police, notify building management, etc.). An outreach plan for staff and visitors provided a toll-free assistance line, allowing for video escorts as they walked to their vehicles late at night or anytime extra security was desired.

VirtuGuard™ greatly enhanced policy compliance regarding patient security and privacy, and the overall feeling of increased safety. Lower costs were realized for security operations. Interactive remote video monitoring and voice technology successfully raised awareness of the system and the live daily patrols


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