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A university with three separate campuses spread out over a 20-mile area was facing difficult security challenges. Staff were unable to effectively monitor and protect widespread areas using traditional patrols. Costly equipment and items were being stolen from newly renovated “smart” classrooms, and loitering and vandalism quickly escalated to a point where security costs rose to unacceptable levels.

With an extensive network infrastructure but virtually no security equipment, VirtuGuard™ was able to use the existing fiber optics to allow for easier and more cost-effective installation. Existing closed-circuit cameras were utilized and augmented, and the VirtuGuard™ video and voice system was integrated.

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring and voice services were implemented for all three campuses and managed via a single platform. Services were configured through a designed schedule of proactive video patrols, basic motion alarm events, and management of the integrated card access system. Mass notification/announcement capabilities were implemented at specific locations or campus-wide

The university was able to realize more than 25% savings in operating costs following the installation and implementation of VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring and voice services. Specific areas of concerns were addressed and dramatic decreases were realized with incidents of loitering, theft, and vandalism.


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