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Construction Sites

A construction site located near the University of Georgia and several student residences that house thousands of students had issues with trespassing. This trespassing activity needed to stop due to the risk of theft of very expensive equipment and materials. Plus, the potential injury to trespassers and the associated liabilities also needed to be eliminated at the construction site.

As an active construction site, there were not any preexisting cameras. BOS Security placed their cameras at strategic locations around the property. Powered by solar energy and cellular data, the Interactive Video Surveillance Systems on site detected unwanted trespassing individuals. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), the Systems will then send video alarms (clips) of the events to the BOS VirtuGuard™ Agent, located in the Command Center, in near real-time. The Virtual Guard then virtually connects live and in real-time through the site’s systems to engage the trespassing individuals, following site-specific security protocols then taking appropriating actions which are leading to significant results.

At approximately two o’clock in the morning, a BOS VirtuGuard™ Command Center Agent was alerted to suspicious activity at the construction site. After reacting to the AI triggered alarm events (video clips), in near real-time and with further investigation of site activities, the BOS Agent detected and identified two young men trespassing on the property and gaining access to valuable equipment and construction inventory. The BOS Command Center Virtual Agent, following the site-specific dispatched protocols, brought the appropriate resources to the construction site. The dispatched authorities arrived on site, finding the two young suspect males climbing down from the crane tower. The trespassers tried to flee and a University of Georgia police unit arrived on site, chasing them on foot and apprehending the trespassers at a business nearby. The subjects were arrested and charged with Obstruction of Law Enforcement and underage possession of alcohol.


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