Case Studies

Pet Friendly Residences

At a pet friendly apartment complex in Athens, Georgia, VirtuGuard™ Agents were able to identify a tenant failing to follow the common expectations set for pet owners. At approximately six o’clock in the morning on January 11, a VirtuGuard™ Agent spotted a puddle in the hallway of the sixth floor. Unclear about the cause of the puddle, the Agent reviewed the surveillance footage from the night before. The footage at the timestamp of 11:45pm on January 10 depicted a male standing by his dog on a leash as it relieved itself in the hallway. The Agent observed that the male had a light complexion, a mustache, and short brown hair and was wearing a printed sweatshirt with the hood up, khaki shorts, and black tennis shoes. By reviewing the mail room footage in real-time and revisiting camera footage from the immediate area leading up to the event, VirtuGuard™ Agents were able to gather important information to present to the property managers in a detailed incident report. The reporting Agent was able to narrow down a few units that the individual exited before entering the mail room. Property management could then use the evidence presented in the incident report to identify the unit the male belonged to and bill the individual for clean-up charges and any damages.

With the video footage and progression of events gathered, VirtuGuard™ was able to present the video footage, images, and a detailed report on the behavior of the tenant. Additionally, the VirtuGuard™ Agent was able to narrow down the unit the tenant and his pet belonged to, making it easier for property managers to handle the event. With the information and evidence provided by VirtuGuard™, the managers could then fine the individual for damages and clean-up costs or pursue further action.

Had this apartment community had cameras capable of layering artificial intelligence, like so many cameras today, VirtuGuard Agents could have identified the event and responded in real-time. VirtuGuard™ interactive remote monitoring services are a tool to help property owners and managers maintain the quality of their buildings and satisfaction of their tenants.


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