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Physical Hazards

Our properties are impacted by environmental factors which can be a substantial risk to our business, including your property, assets, employees, customers, and guests. Situations like flooding, fire, gas leaks, and other physical risks can be life-threatening and extremely costly. The risk of these physical hazards occurring multiplies after hours of operation, when these events can go unnoticed for hours, causing extensive damage and creating significant risk and untold liability. That’s where VirtuGuard™ steps in.

VirtuGuard™ interactive remote video monitoring can protect your business from more than just theft, vandalism, and break-ins. From our Command Centers, highly trained Agents have access to live video surveillance streams and recorded video from cameras installed on your property. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be applied to your cameras to send alarms into the Command Center when motion or other specified activities are detected at your business. In addition to interactive video monitoring, VirtuGuard™ can also receive alarms from other security infrastructure, including flood sensors, fire and smoke detectors, natural gas detectors, temperature sensors, and more. When an Agent receives an alarm, either from AI or other alarm triggers, they can review live and recorded video footage to eliminate false alarms and confirm viable threats. If there is a water or gas leak, flooding, or a fire occurring on your property, VirtuGuard™ Agents immediately follow your site’s unique operational protocols, which will include the dispatching of emergency services to address the situation quickly and efficiently. Additionally, VirtuGuard™ can compile a detailed report including a summary of the incident, photos, and video footage to be provided to you and your insurance company as needed.

One afternoon in the gym of an apartment building, VirtuGuard™ Agents observed a large wet spot on the floor while conducting a proactive virtual guard tour. Agents reviewed the recorded video footage to investigate the origin of the water, finding that water had started seeping across the floor about an hour earlier. VirtuGuard™ reported the incident to the property manager who then notified the maintenance team to resolve the problem. Maintenance workers found that a pipe was leaking, causing the water to puddle in the gym. This leak, if left undetected, would have caused many thousands of dollars of damage to the floor of the gym and the floors below.

At an unattended loading dock at a country club, a very observant VirtuGuard™ Command Center Agent observed a gas tank leaking gas, under high pressure. While conducting a proactive virtual guard tour, the Command Center Agent immediately intervened in the situation. As the gas leak continued, the VirtuGuard™ Agent, following the site-specific protocols, contacted the country club’s emergency staff to report the situation so that appropriate action could be taken. The client reported back to the Command Center Team that a carbon dioxide tank used for carbonated beverages began expelling gas on its own due to a malfunction. The client was very appreciative for the quick actions of the VirtuGuard™ team. While the gas leak was not toxic or a fire risk, it was a costly loss of materials.

These incidents were captured by the VirtuGuard™ Command Center Team during a proactive virtual tour of the property. Similar events can also trigger an alert into the Command Center through the use of AI alarms. When you choose to apply AI to your business’s surveillance cameras, physical hazards are less likely to go unnoticed. Allow VirtuGuard™ to intervene with physical hazards at your business immediately and reduce the risk of harm and damage to your business, assets, staff, employees, and guests.


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