Case Studies

Student Apartments

At a student apartment complex in Athens, Georgia, a VirtuGuard™ Agent was alerted to the mail room camera at 3:23am after Artificial Intelligence technology was triggered by movement. A young male entering the mail room triggered the camera. As the Agent was live-monitoring the event, the male’s behavior became increasingly more suspicious. Looking around the room suspiciously, the male was seen walking to face the corner opposite the surveillance camera. Though the front of his body was not captured on video, it can be assumed that the male was unbuckling his pants as he was facing the corner. While he continued to look around the ceiling of the room, presumably for security cameras, he looked into the mail room camera. After realizing that he was visible to the camera, the male moved to a different corner of the room, out of camera sight to urinate.

By reviewing the mail room footage in real-time and revisiting camera footage from the immediate area leading up to the event, VirtuGuard™ Agents were able
to gather important information to present to the property managers in a detailed incident report. The reporting Agent was able to narrow down a few units that the individual exited before entering the mail room. Property management could then use the evidence presented in the incident report to identify the unit the male belonged to and bill the individual for clean-up charges and any damages.

While this student apartment complex is outfitted with an abundance of cameras that are equipped with AI technology, VirtuGuard™ Agents were not able to intervene at the time of the incident. An effective method to actively intervene in a situation in real-time is to also equip the property with audio capabilities. By adding audio services to your VirtuGuard™ plan, Agents can speak directly to individuals on the property. In this instance, as the male was looking around in the mail room, an Agent could’ve activated an audio speaker in the room and addressed the male and his behavior in the moment. For example, the Agent could broadcast the message: “To the male in the green baseball cap and gray jacket. If you are not here to collect your mail, please exit the room and return to your unit. We can identify your apartment. If you do not comply, onsite security will be dispatched to your location and property management will be notified of your unit number.”


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