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Our Virtual Guards Have Your Employees’ Backs

Our Virtual Guards Have Your Employees’ Backs

Improving your business’s security measures can reduce theft and vandalism and make your customers feel safer when visiting. However, one overlooked benefit of business security is giving your employees support and peace of mind. When your employees feel safe and supported at their place of work, turnover decreases, and satisfaction increases. 

Traditional security methods like Security Guard services can provide a physical security presence but are not always effective or affordable as a single solution. Supplementing your existing security solution or switching over to virtual guarding is the key to protecting your property, people, and assets. 

What Are Virtual Guards?

With VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring, virtual guards have your business’s and your employees’ backs 24/7/365. Our Virtual Guards have access to live video surveillance streams and recorded video from your location through security cameras and other infrastructure.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is applied to cameras to detect motion or flagged behaviors and alert the VirtuGuard™ Command Center team in real time. Proactive virtual patrols are like foot patrols conducted by onsite Security Officers, but tours are taken throughout your entire property through surveillance streams. When an illegal or unauthorized activity is detected, either through an AI alert or a proactive patrol, Virtual Guards react based on protocols developed with you during the onboarding process.  

Tools like remote access control management, two-way audio services, and collaborative efforts with onsite Security Officers and local law enforcement enable Virtual Guards to remotely resolve incidents at your business. 

Hybrid Security Solutions

A hybrid solution is the most proactive and effective approach to security. Physical guarding and virtual guarding both make the other more efficient and actionable. Each approach has strengths that the other does not. For example, Virtual Guards can quickly and easily access a live view of an entire property while it would take a Physical Guard much longer to complete a vehicle or foot patrol of the same property. 

In the hybrid security solution, Virtual Guards can be alerted to activity instantly. After reviewing the activity, VirtuGuard™ can then alert the onsite guard and direct them to the exact location of the incident. In another situation, if a Physical Guard notices that property has been vandalized or observes a suspicious individual, they can alert Virtual Guards to investigate the property damage or keep an eye on the suspicious individual. 

Additionally, in the case that an onsite Security Officer calls in sick, there is inclement weather, or holidays, VirtuGuard™ can keep a watchful eye on your property and your people so that your business is not left unprotected. 

For your employees, knowing that there are two layers of protection and security in place can give them peace of mind and boost their satisfaction with your business. 

Give Your Staff Peace of Mind

Knowing that your business is safeguarded can give both you and your employees peace of mind. When you think about security, it is likely that your immediate association is of a Security Guard making patrols around a property or deescalating problematic situations. While this is a major feature of security, VirtuGuard™ offers many more services to support your staff. 

Virtual Escorts

If your employees are arriving at or leaving work after dark, they may be concerned about their safety when making their way from the building to their vehicle. VirtuGuard™ can create a unique phone number for your business for employees to call to request a virtual escort.  

When an employee requests a virtual escort, a Virtual Guard will stay on the phone call until the employee has made it to their destination safely while monitoring their movements. Through both visual verification that an employee is safe and a verbal confirmation from the employee, your employees can feel confident and comfortable outside of your business after dark.

See Something, Say Something Tip Lines

A “See Something, Say Something” tip line can give your employees and tenants agency over their safety and peace of mind. VirtuGuard™ creates a unique phone number for your business, or businesses. This phone number can be provided to employees and tenants and posted throughout the premises. 

In the case that someone notices something suspicious or if they feel unsafe, they can call the phone line to report it. Including employees and tenants in creating a safe and secure environment is crucial. Knowing that you are prioritizing their safety and that you are keeping them informed can boost morale and loyalty to your business. 

Video Audits for Compliance and Performance

security. Video Audits can be a great tool for your company to evaluate that your policies and procedures are always followed by your employees. Video Audits can assess a variety of industries and internal or legal requirements.  

A few types of Video Audits are: 

  • Standard Operational Audit 
  • Compliance Video Audit 
  • Department Video Audit 
  • Investigative Video Audit 
  • Retail Video Audit 
    • Loss Prevention Audit 
      • Merchandising Audit 
  • Housing Audit 
    • Occupational Audit 
      • Rent Control Audit 
  • Safety Audit 
    • OSHA Compliance Audit 

For more information about Video Audits, read our guide or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Customer Service Announcements

Audio speakers installed throughout your business can be used to do more than just deter trespassers. VirtuGuard™ Agents can speak to individuals onsite in real time using your property’s audio systems. While they can issue live voice messages, Agents can also trigger prerecorded messages to broadcast throughout your business. This includes: 

  • Greetings to staff, customers, or guests when they enter a business 
  • Specialty announcements of instructions, site issues, special events, or ongoing deals for customers and guests 
  • Alerts to guests that the site is being actively monitored for safety and convenience 

Customer service announcements are perfect for retail establishments, residential properties, automotive dealerships, and other commercial businesses. 

Benefits of Virtual Guards

Choosing virtual guarding as your business’s security solution has several advantages for you and your employees. 

Affordable and Effective

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring comes at a fraction of the cost of physical guard services. Remote guarding can save as much as 40-60% on your physical security budget. Your VirtuGuard™ solution is fully customized to your security concerns and infrastructure. The cost is determined by the number of cameras being monitored, the average activity level of your business, and other services and factors. 

Remote video monitoring can be more effective than traditional guard services due to its proactive nature. Rather than focusing on reacting to incidents after they occur, VirtuGuard™ seeks to prevent incidents from occurring and to intervene at the first indication of an issue. 

Increased Employee Awareness 

VirtuGuard™ does more for your business than secure the premises. Through video auditing, employee escorts, and other support, remote monitoring gives insight into how your business is operating. VirtuGuard™ can report on how your policies and procedures are being followed and where regulations might need to be reinforced. This insight can give you the tools to boost employee productivity and reduce employee turnover. 

Let VirtuGuard™ Support Your Employees and Your Business 

Remote video monitoring can both keep your business safe and secure and support your employees. Through employee escorts, tip lines, customer service announcements, video audits, and more, VirtuGuard™ goes beyond physical security. 

Interested in learning more about how VirtuGuard™ can secure your business and support your employees? Complete the contact form below and visit 


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