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Remote Guarding: An Alternative Security Solution to Combat Hiring Challenges

Remote Guarding: An Alternative Security Solution to Combat Hiring Challenges

Across the board, employers are having a tough time filling jobs. Security guard jobs are among the hardest hit. It’s never an easy job, and right now, there is the added threat of being exposed to the COVID-19 virus and dealing with protests in schools, hospitals, and businesses. You can hardly blame officers for looking at other fields or rejecting some positions. Whether you have your own security staff or work with a security company that provides officers, you may find yourself short-handed as far as on-site guards go. What’s the best way to fill the security gap?


Remote Monitored Video Guarding

Replace or augment your on-site security team with remote guards. Virtual security officers monitor your network-enabled video cameras from a central remote security operations center. They are able to visualize your entire property and alert on-site guards or first responders in the case of a disturbance, intrusion, fire, or other anomalies requiring further investigation. Giving them additional tools such as cameras with motion sensing, heat sensing, and lidar or radar technologies can enhance the level of protection they can provide for you.

Virtual guards can also issue a verbal warning directly to any intruders and or note harmless interactions such as a camera tripped by wildlife or weather, preventing in-person guards from being distracted with false alarms.


Is Remote Security Monitoring Right For You

Nearly every security need can be met or enhanced with remote guards. Below is a selection of business types with details on what remote monitoring services like VirtuGuard™ bring to the table:


As building managers, owners, and other decision-makers struggle to keep up with security demands, “BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ gives us the ability to protect more clients with fewer officers in this difficult hiring time.” – Nat Carmack, President of BOS Security


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Remote guarding provides an alternative to onsite-only guards. It helps businesses control costs while increasing efficiency. Does your security company offer remote guarding options for your business? If not, call BOS Security and learn more about our VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services.

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